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Birch Bark


Birch Bark relieves muscle and joint pain when topically applied.


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Birch Bark Essential Oil Bottle

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  • Birch Bark Essential Oil Bottle

Betula lenta - USA - Wild Grown  


Because of its anti-inflammatory and cortisone-like functions, it helps treat muscle and joint discomfort. It’s great for arthritis and gout. Also helps treat tendonitis, rheumatism, and broken or bruised bones.

It helps clear the accumulation of toxins and edema. And it can help treat cellulitis and obesity.  

It is important to cleanse the liver often when using this oil because of toxic build-up. Properties of Birch Bark are very similar to aspirin (White Willow Bark). If you are allergic to aspirin or need to avoid it for any reason, you should not use Birch Bark.

          • Very similar to Wintergreen in scent, as well as properties. They are interchangeable.  
          • Has diuretic properties.
          • It’s also great to reduce cellulite.
          • Because it smells like candy, be sure to store it away from children.

Found in: Birch Bark Cream, Pain Ease, Pain EZ cream, Relieve Me, Sports Pro

Scent: Sharp, sweet, and minty. Very much like Wintergreen.

Also Known As: Black Birch, Cherry Birch, Mahogany Birch, Southern Birch, Sweet Birch

Caution: Do not use on epileptics. Do not use when pregnant. Do not use on children.

Extracted by: Steam distillation of the bark Bark is steam distilled, 1st distillation

Helps with dull or congested skin, eczema, hair care, dermatitis, psoriasis, ulcers, poor circulation, cramps, and hypertension.

History: American Indians used birch leaves and dried bark as a tea to relieve headaches as well as muscle and joint aches. They also used the leaves and branches in sweat lodge cleansing ceremonies. It was in great demand in the 19th century, and as a result, the trees were decimated. The Russian people have used birch leaves in steam baths to open the sinuses.

Birch Bark is:

  Analgesic     Anti-Inflammatory     Anti-Rheumatic  
  Antiseptic     Astringent     Disinfectant  
  Diuretic     Insect Repellent     Insecticide  
  Laxative     Stimulant     Tonic  



Below is a video of Paul H. Dean talking about Birch Bark and Wintergreen

Blends well with: Oregano, Thyme, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint, Spearmint, Vanilla, Lavender

Ways to useYou will need to blend with a carrier oil before using topically. A general guideline is 4-8 drops in ½ teaspoon of carrier oil for adult topical use.

Once you have tried it, you will know if you need to blend more or less. A general guideline for blend rates for children can be found here: 


Always test on a nickel sized portion of skin first. Make sure your skin can handle the oil/blend before using.


Massage a couple of drops in carrier oil into cellulite to remove toxins and into sore muscles. To help with edema, mix a couple of drops with a carrier oil, massage into the affected areas. Use lighter strokes.

If you have problems urinating, you can also massage into abdomen, using smooth, clockwise strokes.

Sore Muscle Massage

          • 4 drops Birch Bark
          • 2 drops Helichrysum italicum
          • 3 drops Lavender
          • 2 teaspoons FCO
Massage into affected areas.


Broken Bone Massage

          • 2 drops Birch Bark
          • 2 drops Basil
          • ½ teaspoon FCO
Carefully massage over broken bone 2-3 times daily.