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Defense improves the immune system naturally. When the immune system is strengthened, numerous ailments and illnesses can be aided and alleviated.

60 Capsules per bottle. Recommended: 2 capsules per day to maintain health.


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60 Capsules per bottle. Recommended: two capsules a day to maintain health. 

Don’t just stimulate your immune cells; modulate your entire Immune System! Defense combines the proven effectiveness of 3Beta D-glucan with natural anti-microbials and healing enhancers to create the best product available for your Immune System!

It stands without question that if the immune system is strengthened, numerous ailments and illnesses can be aided and quite often prevented. With the synergistic combination of these ingredients, Defense is perhaps the most important nutritional immune support product of our time.

Ingredients:  Black Cumin, Stabilized Rice Bran, Muscadine Grape, the Native American Sacred herb “Tsi-Ahga”, the Heart of Garlic and Lemon (Mexico).

Size: Each capsule is 700 mg

Each one is demonstrated in scientific research to strengthen, support and modulate the Immune Response in different ways:

  •     Black Cumin has impressive scientific research that shows it to have very beneficial anti-microbial properties. It has been demonstrated to have potent anti-microbial properties and science has demonstrated why it has always been the best bet to combat colds and viral infection. It also reduces the release of histamines into the bloodstream and thus works against allergic reactions. Black Cumin has been shown to reduce allergy symptoms up to 90% over long term use. One of the most important components of Black Cumin Oil is known to be effective for bronchial asthma and respiratory allergies because of its ability to expand and relax the airways.

  •     Stabilized Rice Bran is the result of the specialized processing of rice concentrates and extracts. Being an all-natural whole food, Stabilized Rice Bran works synergistically to restore optimal health. Consisting of perfect chains of essential fatty acids, trace minerals, amino acids, PhytoNutrients, glyconutrients, and over ninety powerful antioxidants including tocotrienols (which have been found to be 6000 times more effective than vitamin E), Stabilized Rice Bran provides the nutritional therapy and protection that our modern diets often lack.

  •     Muscadine Grape contains higher levels of antioxidants than blackberries, black and red raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, and strawberries. This finding was established in the early 1990s by Mississippi State University, as well as by the National Institutes of Health. Because it is so much higher in antioxidants, Muscadine Grape protects and restores immune function resulting in a wide variety of protection throughout the body.

  •     Tsi-Ahga is a Native American Sacramental Medicine derived from Conks that grow on certain cone-bearing trees. The 3-beta-D-glucans which make up part of the cellular structure of these Conks cause a pan-systemic modulation of T-Cells, Macrophages and Neutrophil White Blood Cells, when ingested. In fact, it has been established that the number and viability of these particular cells is increased by as much as 4000% within 20 hours after taking Tsi-Ahga. Macrophages and Neutrophils are the two cells upon which all other Immune Cells depend.

  •     Heart of Garlic contains the antimicrobial substance known as “Allicin” which is produced when the Alliin and Allinase of the garlic are brought together as a result of damage to the bulb or by microbial invasion of the plant. Allicin is the natural defense mechanism of the garlic plant that science has proven to be so effective as a defense for us as well.

    • Some research-supported actions of Allicin are:

      • Reduces blood pressure

      • Kills microscopic organisms, poisonous bacteria, parasites and fungal infections

      • Aids in preventing neoplasm

      • Reduces high blood cholesterol

      • Removes heavy metals and other toxins

      • Scavenges and removes free radicals

      • Repairs immune system cells by providing high sulfur compounds

      • Increases blood circulation.

    • The chemistry of garlic is complex and even though Allicin was discovered in 1944, its volatility has resulted in very few supplements or garlic based products that contain any Allicin by the time they reach the consumer. It is worth mentioning that with a new patented process for extracting and stabilizing Allicin from garlic, we can now offer people the product they thought they were buying.


Children can also take the Defense supplement, but you will need to give them less, according to their weight. You can break the capsule open and divide the contents. Here is an easy chart showing you how much to use:

   Child Age (approximate)          Child Weight          Dosage Amount   
2 - 5 years

24 - 47 lbs

1/4 capsule
6 - 8 years

48 - 59 lbs

1/2 capsule
9 - 10 years

60 - 71 lbs

1 capsule
11 years

72 - 95 lbs

1 1/2 capsule

To learn more about our supplements we suggest you watch our video: Supplements Discussion with Man Found Standing


For further reading about these ingredients, we suggest the following books:

1. Black Cumin, The Magical Egyptian Herb for Allergies, Asthma, and Immune Disorders, by Peter Schleicher, M.D., and Mohamed Saleh, M.D.,

2. Allicin, The Heart of Garlic, by Peter Joslingww, and

3. Real Answers to Real Question,  by Phillip Landis, N.D., Med. Shirt.

Recommended use is 2 capsules a day.

If you are not used to taking natural supplements, it is best to start with 1 capsule a day, taken with a full meal to allow your body to adjust to the change. After taking once a day for 2-3 weeks, increase to 2 a day, still with a full meal. When you have adjusted to that, move to taking on an empty stomach for full effectiveness.

Our supplements are encapsulated in Kosher Certified Bovine Gelatin Capsules instead of vegetable capsules.

When we first began producing supplements, our chemist contacted a vegetable capsule manufacturer to see about purchasing bulk quantities of capsules directly from them. Here is what transpired:

I spoke with a representative from a vegetable capsule manufacturing company.* I explained our mission to provide the best overall health supplements in the industry and to provide daily nutritional support to our customers. I said that we are creating products our customers can take for the rest of their lives. I then said, “We want to use the vegetable capsules so we have the healthiest capsule for our products.”

The company representative responded, "You don't want to use the veggie capsules then."

"Yes, we do. I want the most cost effective, healthiest capsule available," I said.

To this he said, "Veggie capsules are not the healthiest."

Somewhat confused I asked, "What do you mean?"

The gentleman then explained why vegetable capsules are not good for everyday use. He told me that they use a "carcinogenic lubricant" in the manufacturing process. Since the harmful lubricant was not an ingredient, but just a by-product in the manufacturing process, they were not legally required to list it as an ingredient. He said microscopic traces of this lubricant are left on the capsule and if a person was taking veggie capsules daily for a long period of time, the carcinogenic chemicals would build up in the body and potentially cause some serious side effects.

I thanked him for his assistance and explained that I would have to go with another capsule manufacture because we did not want trace amounts of harmful substances on our capsules.

To this the representative explained how there were only a handful of vegetable capsule manufacturers in the United States and they are all manufacturing the capsules the same way. He said, "You probably won't get another company to admit they are using the lubricant, but we are all using it because we have to in order to make the capsules."

His best suggestion for the most cost effective alternative was to encapsulate in Kosher, 100% Bovine Gelatin Capsules. He also told me of some expensive encapsulating alternatives. However, the cost would make our products outrageously expensive.

Until a cost effective healthy alternative exists, we will use Kosher Certified Bovine Gelatin Capsules, instead of the potentially harmful vegetable capsules.

*To show our appreciation for his willingness to give us the inside information, we do not want to jeopardize the representative’s career so we are not revealing the name of the representative or the company.