Tummy Rub

Use Rocky Mountain Oils' Tummy Rub and get your intestinal function back on track.
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  • Description

    Rocky Mountain Oils' Tummy Rub was created to help your entire digestive and intestinal tract run smoothly. It helps you relieve heartburn, indigestion, cramps, and upset stomach.  It will help you control all forms of gas including belching, bloating, flatulence, and colic. It can also help you treat hiccups.   

    It will help you treat many forms of nausea including motion sickness, morning sickness, and vomiting.

    Rocky Mountain Oils' Tummy Rub will assist the liver in producing enzymes properly. It is toning to the liver, kidneys, and spleen. It will improve overall body functions.

    Used by many to help treat Crohn’s Disease, Tummy Rub balances intestinal activity. It helps relieve intestinal discomfort and diarrhea. When used in a warm compress, it will help you get rid of intestinal parasites.  

              • It can help you treat urinary tract infections.
              • It can help you treat jet lag.  
              • It has help some people neutralize nervous tension, anxiety, and stress.

    ScentThe scent of Rocky Mountain Oils' Tummy Rub has a soothing, minty fresh, clean aroma that goes straight into your chest and makes your body feel strong.

    Ingredients: Peppermint (India), Juniper Berry, Anise Seed, Fennel Seed, Ginger Root and Tarragon in a base of Wild Fractionated Coconut Oil.

  • Applications & Uses

    All of the oils in this blend are GRAS.


    It has helped some people rid their animals of parasites by applying to their feet or tummy.


    Oils used


    Peppermint (India) (Mentha piperita): Helps treat heartburn, indigestion, nausea, and halitosis. Can help treat liver problems.


    Juniper Berry (Juniperus communis): Juniper Berry is a strong, natural diuretic. It is excellent when used in lymphatic massage. Because of its antiseptic properties, it is one of the top oils used to treat urinary infections and other bladder problems. It helps the liver and kidneys function properly. It also helps treat ulcers.


    Anise Seed (Pimpinella anisum): It helps treat many digestive issues including indigestion, cramps, flatulence, vomiting, diarrhea, and bile secretion.


    Fennel Seed (Foeniculum vulgare miller): Because of its diuretic properties, Fennel Seed oil helps the urinary system function properly. It helps prevent and/or treat urinary stones and urinary infections, including cystitis. Like the seeds, Fennel Seed essential oil is used to support the entire digestive function of the body. It is excellent for treating digestive problems.  It helps you treat gas, vomiting, intestinal spasms, intestinal parasites, and constipation. It can also assist the liver in producing enzymes. It helps support the functions of many of the inner organs including the liver, kidney, and spleen.  


    Ginger Root (Zingiber Officinale): Just like the actual roots, Ginger Root essential oil is a top oil to use when treating many digestive issues including indigestion, nausea, gas, motion sickness, diarrhea, and morning sickness. It can also help you treat loss of appetite. Ginger helps treat flatulence and poor digestion.


    Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus): Assists and balances intestinal activity relieving discomfort, upset stomach from emotional distress, relieves any kind of colitis (inflammatory and spasmodic), dyspepsia, gas, nervous and sluggish digestion. It also works well at preventing fermentation in the intestinal tract.

  • Additional Information

    Tummy Rub is offered blended in a base of FCO at 50% essential oil. The neat (unblended) option is also available for you to buy in the dropdown price menu. It will need to be blended more with children. A general guideline can be found here:

    http://www.rockymountainoils.com/dilution-rates-children  Always test on a nickel sized portion of skin first. Make sure your skin can handle the oil/blend before using.


    For any digestive upset, massage Rocky Mountain Oils' Tummy Rub over the stomach area and applied a hot wet towel compress.

    When applied onto "wishbone" area, it may lesson gagging.

    Applied behind the ears has alleviated morning sickness.

    For motion sickness, diffuse and/or apply Rocky Mountain Oils' Tummy Rub over abdominal area.

    If you like to ingest oils, add a drop to Peppermint tea to help alleviate stomach upset. 


    Tummy Rub Massage Cream

              • 30 drops Tummy Rub
              • 1 teaspoon FCO
              • 1 cup Shea Butter

    Melt shea butter and add FCO. Blend in essential oils. Put in container and allow to cool completely. Close lid and label. Massage into affected area 2-3 times a day.


    Tummy Rub Bath

              • 2-3 drops Tummy Rub
              • 2 teaspoons FCO
              • 1 cup Sea Salts

    Dissolve oils in the Sea Salt and add to  warm/hot bath. Soak for 20-30 minutes. (Make sure your skin can handle the blend before immersing yourself in it.)  

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