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Handheld Personal Diffuser Bundle

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If you love diffusing oils, then you'll love the chance to diffuse them anywhere, any time! Step up your diffusing game with the Handheld Personal Diffuser Bundle! This bundle includes our Handheld Personal Diffuser, a 15ml bottle of Peppermint, a 15ml bottle of Orange, and a 5ml bottle of Immune Strength. All of this makes it easy for you to enjoy the benefits of diffusion and essential oils on the go! 

The Handheld Personal Diffuser's sleek design and compact size makes it easy for you to experience the health-giving properties of essential oils anywhere! From being in the car or the office to enjoying your personal time at the gym or on a walk, you can slip the Personal Handheld Diffuser into your pocket or bag for quick and easy access to the power of aromatherapy. Although small in size, this diffuser packs a punch with some incredible benefits, including: 

  • Ultrasonic Diffuser: Turn on your diffuser by sliding the front panel down. The diffuser will run continuously for 60 seconds before turning off automatically. 
  • Long Battery Life: Charge via USB cable (included), and get 15 hours of battery life! 
  • Resilient Design: Diffuse the purest and most potent essential oils without breaking. 

Add some Peppermint oil to your Handheld Diffuser to wake up your mind! Feeling the afternoon lull at the office? Whip out your Handheld Personal Diffuser and add some Peppermint oil to give you the energy and focus you need to make it through the rest of the day. Take your Handheld Diffuser and Peppermint with you to the gym for a boost of energy, or diffuse it throughout the day to help keep the stress down! 

Want to brighten up your day? Diffuse some Orange in your Handheld Diffuser while in the car the keep you happy and positive while sitting in traffic, running errands, or taking a road trip. Smelling something funky in the car, house, or office? Diffuse some Orange to help replace odors with the bright, fresh aroma of fresh citrus. 

Help keep yourself healthy by using your Handheld Personal Diffuser with some Immune Strength! This essential oil blend is great for giving your immune system the boost it needs to fight off germs. Diffuse Immune Strength in your Handheld Diffuser while you travel, sit in meetings, or go to the gym. Not only will this help keep your immune system healthy while around others, but its spicy aroma can also give you a boost of energy and focus to keep you going. 

Caution: This diffuser does not work with carrier oils. Only use single essential oils or neat blends that do not contain a carrier oil. 

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Neither Rocky Mountain Oils® nor its products are intended for the purpose of diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using these products. 

  1. Holding the diffuser with the slide panel facing you, twist the top cover to the right (counterclockwise) to remove. 
  2. Fill the diffuser with tap water up to the max fill line. 
  3. Add 1-2 drops of essential oil. If using a blend, make sure the blend does not contain FCO or other carrier oils. 
  4. Replace the top cover, and twist it to the left (clockwise) to secure it in place. 
  5. Slide the front panel down to turn the diffuser on. The diffuser will run continuously for 60 seconds before turning off automatically. 
  6. To turn your diffuser off, slide the front panel up. 
  7. To charge your diffuser, plug in the USB cable at the bottom. A red light will come on to indicate charging. You can find the charging cable in the bottom compartment of the diffuser box. 

The Handheld Personal Diffuser is perfect for use at home, in the office, or on the go! Check out some of the fun ways you can use this portable diffuser: 

  • Keep it in your diaper bag with some Orange to use in moments when you need help calming a fussy baby or putting your baby to sleep. 
  • Put it in your gym bag with some Peppermint to give you a boost of energy while exercising. 
  • Keep it in your car with some Orange to help you stay positive and happy while driving in traffic. 
  • Keep it on your desk with some Peppermint or Immune Strength to help you stay focused, and to fight off germs that float around the office. 
  • Take it and some Peppermint with you while hiking to help you stay cool and energized. 
  • Pack it in your suitcase with Immune Strength to help you stay healthy while on vacation. 
  • Store in a safe, dry place.
  • To ensure a long life, clean your diffuser every time you change oils. 
  • Use a damp cloth to clean the exterior of the diffuser. 
  • Use a cotton swab or cloth to clean the water tank. 
  • Do not use detergents, solvents, or abrasive agents. 
  • Use vinegar or rubbing alcohol to clean out the water tank and remove the lingering aroma of stronger oils. 
  • Disconnect from power before cleaning.
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