As summer vacation comes to an end, it is time to get a head start on the upcoming school year. Shop our must-have products to help your little ones, teenagers, and yourself to get in the school groove.

BACKPACK ESSENTIALS — Send your kids to school with the tools they need to have a great and successful day with these essential oils.

Muscle Soothe Roll-On

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Ouchie Roll-On

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At Peace

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Concentrate Roll-On

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HOMEWORK TIME — Make homework time a lot easier, and help your kids focus on their studies with the help of the focus-boosting essential oils.

Attention Assist

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OFF TO DREAMLAND — Help your little ones and yourself settle down after the school day with our most popular relaxing products.

Immunity Roll-On

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Immune Strength

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NO MORE SICK DAYS — Classrooms share germs all day. Protect you and your family from seasonal threats with these natural immune-supporting products.

Counting Sheep Roll-On

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Night’s Rest

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