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September 18, 2022
Keep Immune Strength Close this Fall

4 Reasons to Keep Immune Strength Close this Fall

As we settle more firmly into the autumn months, you may hear the same advice by nearly everyone…

September 17, 2022
Essential Oils for cold and flu

7 Essential Oils for Cold and Flu Season

We all know how it goes. First, you get a slightly stuffy nose and an occasional cough. Within…

July 21, 2022
best essential oils for kids natural essential oils for kids safe essential oils for kids kid friendly essential oils

Best Essential Oils For Kids

We understand that you simply want what’s best for your children when it comes to your children. Being…

December 14, 2021
Essential Oils vs Fragrances

What is the Difference? Essential Oils vs Fragrances

The beautiful and pleasing aromas of essential oils have drawn people to the use of aromatherapy for centuries….

December 2, 2021
Best Essential Oil Blend For Coughs Essential Oil Blend For Colds Cold and Flu essential oil

Best Essential Oil Blend for Coughs and Colds

Combat the congestion and sore throats of cold and flu season with our Best Essential Oil Blend For…

October 25, 2021
diffusing around pets

Diffusing Essential Oils Around Your Pets

Pet parents, we have exciting news! Back by popular demand is Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Katie Woodley, The Natural…

October 19, 2021
pet allergies pet allergies dog allergy essential oils cat allergy

How To Treat Pet Allergies with Essential Oils

Has your pet been particularly itchy lately? Have they been refusing certain foods or sneezing a lot? Your…

October 18, 2021
essential oils for chakras essential oils for root chakra essential oils for third eye chakra

Essential Oils for Chakras – A Beginner’s Guide

Are you experiencing a lack of passion, security, or growth in your life? If so, you may need…

October 13, 2021
essential oils for flu symptoms essential oil for congestion essential oil for coughs essential oil for muscle aches essential oil for headaches

Essential Oils for Flu Symptoms

Flu season is upon us, and it’s time to get control of those nasty flu symptoms. Never let…

October 6, 2021
essential oil safety for children essential oils safe for children safe essential oil use essential oils good for kids

Essential Oil Safety For Children

Are essential oils safe for children? Confusion about essential oil safety is not uncommon. But don’t worry because…

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