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Let Your Smile Sparkle

Weekday mornings are hectic, there's no doubt about that. Whether you're rushing off to work or getting kids to school, it seems like once your feet hit the floor, you don't have a second to stop. That’s probably why 83% of adults drink coffee in the United States—as fuel for the a.m. And while a steaming cup of coffee—or three—really hits the spot, one thing coffee can't do is give you whiter teeth. But what kind of toothpaste should you use to ensure a dazzling smile?

Conventional Toothpaste

According to the American Dental Association, toothpastes rely on mild abrasives to polish teeth that include ingredients such as magnesium carbonate, hydrated aluminum oxides, and calcium carbonate. Whitening toothpastes also include chemicals that help dissolve or lighten surface stains.

And most conventional toothpastes also include small amounts of fluoride—a mineral that prevents tooth decay. Not all ingredients in toothpastes are necessary, though, including:

  • Triclosan: Used in toothpaste to get rid of gingivitis and fight plaque, it’s the same antibacterial agent in hand sanitizers. A 2003 study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that almost three-fourths of people studied had triclosan in their urine. And since you use it in your mouth, toothpaste is a potent triclosan delivery method. The CDC did note, that “finding measurable amounts of triclosan in urine does not imply that the levels of triclosan cause an adverse health effect.”
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: You know how your mouth feels especially clean when your toothpaste creates a nice lather? That’s the sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which is also included in laundry detergent and shampoos. Like many detergents, sodium lauryl sulfate may cause irritation. The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Reviews found the most common concerns of SLS are irritation to skin, eyes, and lungs.

The Fine Print on Conventional Toothpaste

Turn over your toothpaste tube, and you’ll see a warning about contacting Poison Control if swallowed. That’s because, according to Poison Control, “when fluoride is in the stomach, it can cause irritation leading to nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.” They do note, however, that ingesting too much toothpaste will generally not cause anything other than short-term effects.

A Refresher on the Right Way to Brush Teeth

No matter the type of toothpaste you use, don’t underestimate the power of brushing. According to the ADA, you should brush at least twice a day for at least two minutes. Other brushing tips:

  • Place your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the gums.
  • Gently move the brush back and forth in short (tooth-wide) strokes.
  • Brush the outer surfaces, the inner surfaces, and the chewing surfaces of the teeth.
  • To clean the inside surfaces of the front teeth, tilt the brush vertically and make several up-and-down strokes.

In addition to proper brushing, floss once a day to remove bacteria and buildup from between teeth, eat a balanced diet, and visit your dentist regularly (every six months) for exams and cleanings.

Natural Toothpaste for a Clean Mouth

While good brushing habits are the most important part of oral hygiene, why not choose a natural toothpaste? Unlike your usual big-brand toothpastes that function as more of a “soap” to help clean your teeth, natural toothpastes rely on more gentle ingredients to keep teeth white and breath fresh.

Try our newest offering, the Ava Shields Cool Mint Toothpaste, which features ingredients clinically proven to whiten teeth, restore tooth enamel, and prevent decay. Oh, and did we mention that this natural toothpaste employs the power of our pure Spearmint and Peppermint essential oils to help leave your mouth and breath minty fresh and oh-so-clean?

At Rocky Mountain Oils, we recently introduced our newest line of natural products, which we call Ava Shield. Meaning “life” and “protection,” Ava Shield products are the perfect way to continue offering you a natural and safer alternative to everyday household products.

Our essential oil toothpaste employs the power of calcium hydroxyapatite, which whitens teeth and promotes good dental health. The formula also includes hydrated silica for additional whitening power. And our 100% pure Peppermint and Spearmint essential oils freshen the breath … even when you're one pot of coffee down.

To use the Cool Mint Toothpaste, simply apply a pea-sized amount to a moistened toothbrush. For best results, brush thoroughly at least twice a day—morning and night—and after meals. Be sure to rinse your mouth out with water after brushing teeth, and avoid swallowing the toothpaste. Also, keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age.

Whiten your teeth and achieve a beautiful smile with our all-natural toothpaste, whether you're rolling out of bed at 5 a.m. or savoring that first cup of coffee at 9 a.m. on a Saturday.