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August 1, 2018

Back to School with Essential Oils

Shiny shoes. Fresh school supplies. New outfits. It’s already time to start thinking about heading back to the classroom (where, oh where, did the summer go?!). But before the homework, the parent meetings, and the meet-the-teacher day, why not help your children—and yourself—get a head start on the school year with essential oils?

At Rocky Mountain Oils, we’re all about wellness for the whole family, no matter where you go. That’s why our chemists and blending experts created our Kids Line blends, an exclusive collection of effective essential oils in roll-on bottles. The applicators offer all the benefits of our regular essential oils, but they’re portable and easy to apply (no mess!).  Plus, the oil blends each have a 2% dilution, so they’re safe for little ones to use.

Before you set your clock to make it the bus stop on time, grab these school essentials and set your kids up for success.

Versatile Oils in Our Kids Line

Counting Sheep

Are your kids still wound up after homework and baseball practice? Help them catch some zzzz’s with the warm, floral aroma of Counting Sheep. This sleep formulation features lavender, patchouli, and sandalwood in a fractionated coconut oil base.


Frankincense, lemon, cardamom, marjoram, and lavender comprise our Immunity blend to help keep kids from bringing home all those stomach bugs and germs that go around the classroom. Apply to the bottom of the feet, the chest, or the back of the neck.


Sometimes it’s hard for kids to sit still during a test or lecture. Our Concentrate blend employs vetiver, frankincense, lavender, and cedarwood to help students concentrate. Whether it’s a final exam or just daily homework, our Concentrate blend can help keep your kids focused.


Last year’s flu season was particularly brutal, but every winter, the cold and flu viruses start going around school like clockwork. While we can’t cure the common cold (if only!), we can help your little one alleviate some of the symptoms with our Breathe blend. The combination of lemon, cedarwood atlas, frankincense, black pepper, lavender Bulgaria, and Roman chamomile offers a subtle, citrusy menthol fragrance that helps open up the sinuses.


Boo-boos, be gone! Mandarin, lavender, foraha, helichrysum,  geranium, and fractionated coconut oil make up the Ouchie blend that can help soothe stings, and ease muscle aches and pains. Add Ouchie to a first-aid kit, or pack it in a bag before you leave for the ball field.

Pick Up Our Daily Kit

Don’t want to worry about picking and choosing which oils you need? Our Kids Daily Kit has you covered! With Immunity, Concentrate, Muscle Soothe, and Counting Sheep, you can get through all the busy school days ahead.

Practice Self-Care

We know that nothing’s worse than a sick kid …  but as a parent, you have to make sure you’re healthy enough yourself before you can care for your kiddos, right?

After all, you’re responsible for just about everything that happens in your family’s lives You’ve got to get up to fix breakfast for your kids, make sure everyone has clean clothes, pack snacks and lunches, drive the kids to school or put them on the bus, and maybe go to work yourself. And that’s all before 9 a.m. Then school ends and homework, projects, extracurriculars, and dinner need to be done—all before the next day, when you have to do everything all over again.

While society often encourages you to find your self-care in a glass of wine, why not try something healthier for the entire family?

While our oils can’t guarantee you an A+ on that exam, they can definitely make your life a little easier where it matters most.

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