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Sweet Dreams

Restful sleep is key to leading a happy and healthy life. So, allow this week’s diffuser blend lull you to dreamland! Sweet Dreams mixes Lavender and Cedarwood to create a floral, woodsy aroma that will leave you prepared to catch the zzz’s you deserve.

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Wood Furniture Polish

Bring luster and shine back to your wood furniture with this easy and effective DIY wood polish using essential oils.


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Citrus Surface Scrub

Do you want to keep harsh chemicals out of the kitchen but get the deep clean you desire? Try cleaning the essential oil way with Citrus Surface Scrub.

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Minty Fresh Mirror Cleaner

Get a streak-free shine with this quick and easy DIY Glass Cleaner.

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Get Up and Go!

With a to-do list hanging over our heads, sometimes we just need a little motivation! To inspire a seize-the-day attitude, we’ve combined two classic oils to create our Get Up and Go diffuser blend. This mix of Peppermint and Orange carries a rejuvenating property in its fresh and tangy scent. Simply apply it in the morning and breathe in its aroma to have a better start to your day!

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In With the Good Aroma Inhaler Blend

Does life feel a bit crazy? Don’t forget to breathe!

But seriously. Slow, conscious breathing will allow your body to reset itself and invite a calm sense of self. To encourage this healthy reset, we’ve created In With the Good, a blend for your personal aroma inhaler. By breathing in this mix of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Rosemary, you’ll experience the cooling effect that this bright, fresh, and minty aroma offers. We hope that this respiratory blend will help you to breathe in with the good and out with the bad.

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Our New Friend...The Aroma Inhaler

Take a deep breath in right now. Go ahead, you can follow our lead.
Allow your chest to fill completely with air, then close your eyes, and slowly exhale and finish with a smile. How do you feel? Rejuvenated? Calmer? More alert?
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Falling For You- Diffuser Blend

We're falling for who? You!
The more we get to know our RMO family, the more we want to share our appreciation for all you do!
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Invigorate Diffuser Blend

Say hello to your new mid-winter pick-me-up! Holding out for warmer weather can put a major damper on your energy levels. Trust us; sometimes we feel it, too. With this invigorating fusion of Lime, Tea Tree, and Lemon, we find the motivation to seize the day and seem to remember that spring is on its way!
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Himalayan Sea Salt Body Scrub

Said by the queen of comedy herself, "love yourself first, and everything falls into line."  We couldn't agree more, Lucille!  Life is to be lived, and here at RMO, we believe our essential oils can help deliver the wellbeing we need to seize life's moments.

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