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June 10, 2021

Essential Oils Fit For Royalty

In celebration of the birth of the new royal baby Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, daughter of Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, we thought we could bring you some oils that are truly fit for royalty. These featured oils are usually very rare, reserved for only the most royal and regal of people. They have a history of being culturally, historically, and even economically significant, and have been known to be the go-to remedies for elites throughout history. Often recognized as extravagant and lavish commodities, these essential oils will have you polishing your tiara and getting ready to step into your glass slippers and poofy princess dresses in no time.

Get excited to live out your princess fantasies with our essential oils fit for only the greatest of royalty. Pamper yourself and embrace true luxury and extravagance with our featured royalty collection.

Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil

1. Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil

Also commonly known as Olibanum Tree Oil, Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil is considered to be one of the most therapeutic and sought-after essential oils in the world. Incredibly rare and only found in certain parts of Oman, the essential oil comes from the resin of Boswellia sacra trees.

Quite significant in Middle Eastern cultures, Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil is considered a precious element because of its rare and therapeutic properties. In ancient times, Sacred Frankincense was seen as such a valuable commodity that it became the economic disrupter that brought about the development of new technologies in transport, shipbuilding, and written language. 

For many cultures, the essential oil is considered to be an incredibly valuable element, sometimes regarded as even more precious than gold or diamonds. Its versatile nature allows it to be used in perfumery, recovery, therapy, and religious ceremonies. Sacred Frankincense is known to improve the appearance of skin by toning, tightening, and soothing. It is also known to reduce the appearance of scars, blemishes, dark spots, and stretch marks. 

The oil’s rich woodsy aroma is often employed to help improve emotional health. Often used in religious ceremonies, therapy, or meditation, Sacred Frankincense is perfect for promoting deep relaxation and balancing emotions of loneliness and grief. The essential oil can also be used to strengthen your immune system and reduce inflammation due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. 



Soothing Skin Remedy

Add ingredients to an empty glass bottle and use 2-3 drops of the mixture to soothe any skin irritations and encourage a healthy healing process.

Jasmine Essential Oil

2. Jasmine Essential Oil

Commonly referred to as King of the Oils, Queen of the Night, Spanish Jasmine, or Royal Jasmine, our Jasmine Essential Oil’s many names speak for itself. 

It is known as the Queen of the Night because the Jasmine flower only releases its glorious fragrance once the sun has gone down and the heat of the day is over. Harvesting the Jasmine oil can be quite the delicate process as the flower is very fragile and can only be picked at night in order to preserve its scent. In addition to it being difficult to capture its scent, around 7.5 million flowers are required to make 1 kg of Jasmine oil perfume, making it truly a luxury item.

Originating from India, our Jasmine Essential Oil has a strong rich floral and tea-like aroma. Often recognized as the royalty of oils, the oil is known to be quite the aphrodisiac, popular because of its seductive scent. Jasmine Essential Oil is often worn by brides and grooms during wedding ceremonies and honeymoon celebrations to set the romantic mood and enhance the newlywed spice. The oil is also reported to be an energy stimulant, making users more receptive to sexual cues and positive atmospheres. The warm sultry scent of Jasmine Essential Oil can help promote self-confidence and optimism while also helping improve the look and feel of skin and shine of hair. 



Try out these recipes and use Jasmine Essential Oil in your daily routine to embrace your inner Princess Jasmine and get introduced to a Whole New World.  

Floral Body Powder

Measure the amount of cornstarch into a glass jar or spice powder container, then add essential oils. Tighten the cap and let the powder sit for a day. Shake well before use.

Warm the Emotions

Apply mixture anywhere you feel tense. Use it to warm your emotions and encourage a positive mood.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

3. Sandalwood Essential Oil

Taking at least 15 years to grow and become ready for harvest, Sandalwood Essential Oil is quite difficult to come by. Its long growth and maturation period make the essential oil a rare and valuable commodity in high demand. Highly beneficial to those seeking a spiritual, emotional, or physical physical connection, Sandalwood Essential Oil is commonly used in religious ceremonies and meditation. It is used to purify spaces, bring feelings of warmth, ground the mind, and dispel negative thoughts. A great sleep companion, Sandalwood Essential Oil is known for its superior calming effects, making it the perfect royal addition to Sleeping Beauty’s oil stash.

Found in India and Australia, our oil can be used to relieve anxiety and provide relief to mental anguish. Incredibly beneficial in skin care, Sandalwood Essential Oil can also help boost your royal complexion by brightening and nourishing your skin. The oil is a popular ingredient in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine, and is included in many remedies that help relieve UTIs, liver or gallbladder problems, digestive issues, muscle pains, and common colds. Its versatile nature and deep earthy woodsy scent make the oil rich in function and aroma, the perfect fit for a royal.



Mr. Sandman Diffuser Blend

Diffuse 30 minutes before bedtime for help in relaxing the mind and promoting a good night’s rest.

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