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August 5, 2019

Essential Oils for Bachelorettes

When it comes to “the dating game”, practically every woman imagines what it will be like to find the right guy. Maybe he’s tall, dark, and handsome. Or perhaps he’s more of the intellectual type. Of course, he has to be thoughtful, kind, funny, and a laundry list of other things. But even when we do find a guy who meets all of our requirements, we women also have to do our part for him to reciprocate that attraction. 

Attracting men involves more than just your looks. While dressing nicely, primping your hair, and wearing a genuine smile can certainly help, you can’t forget about your sense of smell. Sense of smell is extremely powerful, and when you wear the right scent, it can be easier for men to not only find you attractive but also open up and feel more comfortable. 

So, for those ladies who are going on dates and looking for their soulmate, here are some tips about how essential oils – particularly aphrodisiac essential oils – can help you attract the man you want. P.S. For you ladies who are in a relationship or married, these oils are also great for keeping a strong attraction between you and your partner as you continue to date. 

Essential Oils for Bachelorettes 

Generally speaking, men are often more drawn to aromas that have deeper, muskier, and spicier tones. But those scents are often found in men’s colognes, not as something a woman would want to wear. While these may seem like more manly smells, they can combine well with lighter, more feminine aromas that you’ll want to wear. Not only that, but several studies have found that men are also drawn to some sweeter, lighter aromas, in addition to the muskier ones. 

Here are 11 essential oils and blends you can use that will captivate your date: 

Different Ways to Use Essential Oils for Dates

There are several different ways that you can use these and other essential oils as you get ready for your next date. Remember, even though the muskier, spicier scents are often found in men’s cologne, don’t be afraid to use them. But, you also don’t have to feel obligated to use them, as you can still attract men without those more masculine scents. 

Here are just a few ways that you can use essential oils: 

Final Tips

Now that you ladies have a list of oils and aromas that men like, it’s time to give them a try on your next date! Please remember that using essential oils on dates does not guarantee anything; while the aromas may be appealing, they will not cause either party to act in a certain way. With that said, however, the aromas listed above have been studied and shown many times to be appealing and enticing to men. 

Above all, remember to just be yourself because that will be the one thing that will truly attract the right guy. Don’t be afraid to show your real self, and just have a good time! When you do, that “Mr. Right” might come along sooner than you think. 

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