Face-Firming Mask
May 9, 2016
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Tighten pores, even out complexion and improve skin tone with Rocky Mountain Oils' Face-Firming Mask. In a matter of minutes, you'll take your skin back in time!


  • 1 Egg White
  • Toothpick dipped ⅛ inch in RMO Geranium
  • Cotton Ball or Foundation Brush


In a small bowl place 1 egg white and lightly beat with fork or whisk. Dip a toothpick ⅛ inch into Geranium, or other skin care oil of choice, and swirl through egg white, beat until mixed.

To Apply:

  1. Pull hair back from the face.
  2. Wash face with warm water as this will open the pores and allow the mask to better penetrate the skin.
  3. Pat face dry gently with a towel or allow to air dry.
  4. Dip cotton ball or foundation brush into egg white mixture and apply to face everywhere except around the eyes and mouth. Wait 2-3 minutes and apply another layer. Allow mask to remain for 15 minutes and then remove by washing it with a washcloth and warm water.
  5. Pat face dry gently with a towel and seal firming benefits left by the mask by applying favorite moisturizer.


  • These two ingredients both aid in the tightening of facial skin delaying the effects of premature aging
  • Assists cell health and skin tone by promoting the recycling of dead cells resulting in regeneration of new cells adding to a more youthful appearance
  • Reduces oily skin by drawing out excess sebum, cleansing pollutants from pores leaving them tighter making it easier to eliminate blackheads by bringing them to the surface
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