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June 19, 2020

Gemini Diffuser Blends

Known most commonly for the duality of their twin symbol, Gemini-born individuals are often characterized by their active, curious, and sometimes mischievous nature. Ruled by the planet of Mercury, Geminis share their air sign with prominent individuals such as Marilyn Monroe, Tupak Shakur, and Anne Frank. 

Geminis are intense seekers of knowledge, and some of their greatest strengths lie in their inherent desire to explore new pathways of awareness and weave deeper connections between themselves and the world around them. Though Geminis do not have issues with finding motivation or inspiration, their restlessness and curiosity for new things can cause problems in maintaining structure or discipline with long projects. The recommended blends for Geminis are ones that inspire change, encourage deeper thinking, and focus the mind for long-lasting success.

Gemini Diffuser Blends

Gemini diffuser blends

The Seeker


Third House

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