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January 15, 2021

Let’s Get Crafty!

Let’s take a moment to give ourselves a mini celebration dance for keeping up with our daily goals and routines! It. Has. Been. Hectic. We have placed our health at the forefront, and that of our family’s as well, but we haven’t touched on ways that could ease our family’s stress as a whole. What better way to reduce stress than to engage in some super fun, mind-freeing crafty projects! Today we will focus on some craft ideas that kids and families can enjoy, all the while benefiting from the pleasure of some of the most relaxing and sensory-awakening essential oils (EO’s).

Essential oil roll-ons that inspired the crafts we will be focusing on today:

Craft ideas:

Gather some soft and/or furry fabric and outline the shape of the toy you want to make. Make the outline bold and bigger than what the actual toy will be. If you feel comfortable letting the little one use scissors (safety scissors, of course!), hand them this part of the project. Let them cut out the outline and then do the same steps one more time. 

Now you have two equal pieces of fabric, cut into the shape of the desired plush toy! Begin the hemming process. You can decide to hem it the “adult” way and use a regular needle and some thread. Hem it all the way around with the “insides” touching back to back. Leave some space on either the top or bottom to fill it with some stuffing and make it fluffy. If your little one wants to take over this step, use a hole puncher or cut out some little holes around the fabrics (while the insides of the fabric touch back to back), and let them use some yarn or ribbons (anything they want, really! So long as it’s able to hold the fabric sturdy). The more holes there are closer together, the better it will hold the stuffing inside.

This next step is our favorite part! Stuff the toy with some traditional polyester stuffing. Otherwise, you can use cotton balls, a mountain of little bits of fabric, or anything else that is dry, soft, and able to be squished softly.  Add a drop or two of their favorite EO and finish heming the opened section, ending it with a big strong knot at the end.

And, wa-la! You have just created a special friend for your baby. We hope it was a lovely experience and please do share with us your favorite creations! We are so excited to see!!

(EO’s to use: Lavender, At Peace, Heart Health

(EO’s to use: Clary Sage, Lavender, At Peace

Grab a molding made out of rubber or easy-to-tear plastic (if you don’t have a molding, you can make one by using aluminum foil over your desired shape), and a few dried flowers. Remember there are no real requirements for how big or small you want to make your creation! Take your time and experiment with what you would like to add to make your molding fun and special! Add glitter if/as you see fit! 

Now that you have the molding you want to fill, the flowers (and possibly glitter) you want to use, it’s time to smell some beautiful EO’s! Take your time getting to know each one, notice the feeling it brings you, the state of emotion it evokes. Do you feel calmer with one over another? Do you like the sweetness of one, but the grounding essence of a different one? When you have the oils you love ready to use, set them aside, and get ready for the final step.

Fill the molding with the flowers (and glitter), then add the EO drops, and finally pour the resin carefully. Adjust the placement of the flowers with a toothpick while the resin is still wet, and let it sit out in a cool place while it dries. Congratulations! You have just created a delightful piece of creativity!

Dried Flower Moldings DIY Steps

(EO’s to use: Clary Sage, Majestic Breeze, Lavender, At Peace

Unapologetically Me Jar Of Happiness Bath Salts

(EO’s to use: Clary Sage, At Peace, Heart Health

Homemade Li Balm Recipe

Our Social Media Specialist Stefani, shared:  “One of my friends gave me homemade lip balm for Christmas 3 years ago and I still use it! It’s my absolute favorite.” 

(EO’s to use: Clary Sage, Lavender, At Peace, Heart Health) /

(EO’s to use: Clary Sage, Majestic Breeze, Lavender, At Peace, Heart Health

Enjoy the joys of learning and expression through some stimulating little projects whether you’re a parent or not! Try it with a sibling, a friend, or one of us on your favorite social media channel (Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)! We are always here to add some smiles your way!


As always, essential oils are incredibly soothing and have such enticing scents, but we should always remember some precautions to take before applying topically or diffusing in large spaces. While some of us can submerge ourselves in all the strong amounts of yummy smells as we like, the other half of us like to keep our bodies happy one or two drops at a time. Remember these are purely concentrated little bottles of encapsulated aromas. With careful guidance and a curious passion for EO crafts, your home will soon be on level two of harmonious ambiance and creative engagement. Not to mention, an even stronger immune system as a result because happy minds = happy bodies!

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