Bugs, Away!
May 26, 2017
  1. What kind of summer vacation family are you? Do you and the kids go all Bear Grylls in the woods? Or are you more of a cabin-in-the-woods-with-complimentary-breakfast-please kind of family? Whatever way you enjoy your outdoor fun, we know of some friends that have already RSVP’d to your party. Their names? Teddy Tick, Mosey Mosquito and Buddy Bug.
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Travel Bug
May 24, 2017

Traveling allows us to see new places and connect with new cultures; it’s incredible! However, travel can bring a lot of stress and fatigue. In this week’s blend, Travel Bug, we combined Red Mandarin, Lavender Bulgaria, and Lime. The Lavender will help reduce stressful moments while the Red Mandarin and Lime will help revitalize when energy levels are running low. Get ready for an adventure! Bon voyage!

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Study Buddy Diffuser Blend
May 17, 2017

To all those starving students out there, we know what’s standing between you and summer break: final exams. With exams season in full swing, we’ve created this week’s diffuser blend Study Buddy! Peppermint, Orange, and Rosemary combine to create a fresh, rejuvenating aroma that will help you ace your way into summer. Go get ‘em!

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Essential Oils for Studying Your Way to an A+
May 16, 2017

To the night-cramming, ramen-eating students out there, we know the one thing standing between you and summer break: exams. To help improve concentration, control stress levels and ace your exams, apply these tips to your study habits and say hello to a big, fat A+!

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Merrymaking Diffuser Blend
May 10, 2017

The incredible women that make up a large part of our RMO family inspired this week’s diffuser blend, Merrymaking! Spikenard, Melissa and Grapefruit combine to create a bright, sweet, and spicy scent that celebrates all the women we love: the bright, the sweet and the spicy!

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DIY Aftershave with Essential Oils


Aftershave is the best way to finish off your shave. It is bracing, it tingles, and gets your blood pumping. Making your own aftershave gives you the edge. You can make one that suits your own skin and, by using essential oils,  gives you the scent you want. Continue reading

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil Uses


Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis) was regularly used by ancient Egyptians and the Moors, as well as being one of the Saxons' nine sacred herbs (maythen). It was called the "plant's physician" because it also promoted the health of nearby plants. Continue reading

Jasmine Essential Oil Uses


Jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum, absolute) is a powerful oil. It is rich, floral, sweet, and very heady. It has a lot of strength and should be used in extremely small amounts. Continue reading

Neroli Essential Oil Uses


Named after the princess of Nerola in Italy, who wore it as a perfume, Neroli oil (Citrus aurantium) comes from the flower of the bitter orange tree. The same tree that produces Petitgrain Bigarade oil. Neroli oil has a light, floral scent that has a slight tone of citrus. It's quite lovely. Continue reading

Rose Essential Oil Uses


Rose Oil (Rosa damascene) is one of the most beautiful and valuable of oils. It is often called "Queen of the Flowers." Rose oil is an extraordinarily complex oil, though it seems otherwise. When you smell a rose, or even a dozen roses, it has a light, delicate scent. However, one bottle of Rose oil is made from thousands of rose petals, so the scent is concentrated and extremely strong. Continue reading

German Chamomile Essential Oil Uses


German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) is distilled from the dried flowers of the plant. It's actually rather fascinating. The flowers are harvested just as they begin to bloom and then dried to preserve the active ingredients. Only then are they distilled. Continue reading

Blue Tansy Essential Oil Uses


Blue Tansy oil (Tanacetum annuum)  is not to be confused with Tansy oil  (Tanacetum vulgare), which  is toxic and should never  be used in aromatherapy. Blue Tansy is a great oil for aromatherapy, fortunately. Some people refer to it as "Moroccan Chamomile" though that isn't entirely accurate.  It has a bright, floral candy scent to it. Continue reading

Ravintsara Essential Oil Uses

It is a universal oil much like Lavender. It has a mild, slightly menthol like scent with clean top notes descending into earthy base notes that can help encourage one to take a deep breath the moment the bottle is opened. Our Ravintsara  (Cinnamonum camphora ct Camphor) is an important addition to everyone's essential oil kit. Continue reading

Orange Essential Oil Uses


Orange oil (Citrus sinensis) has a sweet, warm, summery fragrance that makes you feel like an energetic child, ready to go out and experience the world again. In addition to its sweet scent, Orange oil can lift your mood, clean surfaces, and so much more. Continue reading

DIY Lip Scrub, Lip Balm, and Lip Gloss


Chapped lips are common throughout the year, but that doesn't make having chapped lips any less frustrating. You want your lips to be soft, supple, and moisturized.
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