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January 26, 2018

Sparkle and Shine Diffuser Blend

The winter blues got you down? We’ve combined some of our most invigorating oils to create this week’s diffuser blend, Sparkle and Shine! Let the energizing powers of Peppermint, Grapefruit and Rosemary liven your senses.     Go ahead. Let yourself sparkle and shine!


Sparkle and Shine Diffuser Blend

Step 1

Mix3 drops Peppermint, 2 drops Grapefruit, and 2 drops Rosemary. Diffuse or apply to personal aroma inhaler.

Step 2

Breathe in the invigorating aroma and let your senses come alive!

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Diffusing this combo now and it smells amazing!

Jennifer | March 23, 2018 | Reply