Summer Vacation Inspired Diffuser Blends

Summer Vacation Inspired Diffuser Blends

Enjoy the aroma of your favorite travels with these vacation-inspired diffuser blends!

Fly off to far-off destinations with just the touch of a button! These 6 summer vacation-inspired diffuser blends will transport you back to drinking mojitos by the pool or watching the sunset on the Mediterranean coast. Where will your diffuser take you? 

Got the travel bug? Aromatically transport yourself around the world with the help of essential oils! With the start of your diffuser, you can create any environment you want right at home. Keep scrolling to see how we reimagined our favorite parts of vacation and destinations into diffuser blends! 

6 Summer Vacation Inspired Diffuser Blends 

Hawaiian Heaven Vacation Inspired Diffuser Blend

Hawaiian Heaven

Dreaming of sunbathing under the Hawaiian sun? Turn your living space into your dream vacation spot. This diffuser blend features an exotic floral aroma with creamy and woodsy undertones.

Mountain Escape Vacation Inspired Diffuser Blend

Mountain Escape

Breakaway from the daily grind and escape to a mountain forest. This diffuser recipe features our signature blend Majestic Breeze, combined with the sweetness of citrus and notes of green. 

Coconut Mojito Vacation Inspired Diffuser Blend

Coconut Mojito

Smells so good, you will want to drink it! Featuring a tropical and minty aroma, this diffuser blend will remind you of drinking mojitos by the pool as you relax under the Caribbean sun. 

Mediterranean Coast Vacation Inspired Diffuser Blend

Mediterranean Coast

Take a trip to the beautiful Mediterranean coast from the comfort of your home! Inspired by the lavender fields of Greece and lemon groves of Italy, this diffuser blend will uplift and rejuvenate your soul.

Lakeside Cabin

Lakeside Cabin 

Relax and recharge with this diffuser blend’s crisp, green, and slightly floral scent. With a deep breath, the aroma will transport you to slow mornings spent by the lake.  



Ditch the city and fall in love with the countryside! Enjoy the sweetness of Bergamot enhanced by the floral notes of Clary Sage and the woody aroma of Cedarwood. This diffuser blend will have you wanting to grab your boots and enjoy the simple life! 

Try these summer vacation-inspired blends for yourself! 

We love the way that essential oils can magically transport us to different places, memories, and feelings. Try the above diffuser blends for yourself and let us know what you think. If you have an idea for another inspired diffuser blend, comment below!