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April 16, 2019

Teacher Appreciation Gift Guide

If you have kids in school, then you know how amazing teachers are! Teachers change the lives of children every single day, and the impact of teachers extends beyond the boundaries of their classroom. They play a vital role in our children’s lives. With Teacher Appreciation Week and the end of school coming up, it is time to think about how to thank your child’s teacher! Below we have gathered our favorite all-natural products that any teacher is sure to love!

Concentrate gift

Concentrate Diffuser Blend

$24.95 | BUY NOW

With a class of 20-30 students, keeping them all focused can be difficult. Make it a little easier with Concentrate Diffuser Blend. Concentrate features Frankincense, Lavender, Vetiver, and Cedarwood essential oils to reduce mental distractions and keep students focused! Concentrate is a part of our kid-friendly line, so it can be used with kids over 2 years. Pair with one of our diffusers, so your teacher can diffuse the blend during class!

Attention Assist Gift

Attention Assist Roll-On

$10.95 | BUY NOW

Teachers spend a lot of time grading papers and preparing lesson plans. Attention Assist features essential oils that keep the mind focused on the task at hand and clear mental cobwebs. The roll-on is prediluted and ready to use. Simply roll the blend on the writs, temples, and back of neck to enhance mental clarity and soothe emotions.

Lavender Gift


$22.95 | BUY NOW

Teaching is one of the most demanding jobs. According to a new study, 93% of elementary teachers report that they are experiencing high levels of stress. Help your child’s teacher relax and unwind after a long day at work with Lavender. This special essential oil helps ease feelings of stress and anxiety while promoting a calm state of mind.

Complete Relief Gift

Complete Relief

$27.95 | BUY NOW

Teaching all day is taxing on the muscles and joints. Complete Relief harnesses the power of essential oils for an all-natural muscle rub that soothes and relaxes aching muscles and tension. After a long day in the classroom, your child’s teacher will be grateful for some much-needed relief!

Defend gift

Defend Immunity Supplement

$29.95 | BUY NOW

When you are a teacher, you are exposed to unwanted germs and seasonal threats. Help your child’s teacher stay health with Defend. The Defend immunity supplement bolsters the immune system with its unique balance of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Defend is also infused with our Sacred Immune Strength blend to promote healthy immune function.

Immune Strength Gift

Immune Strength

$26.95 | BUY NOW

With incredible therapeutic benefits and countless uses, Immune Strength is the multipurpose tool that every teacher should have.  Teachers can use this blend to support their immune system, bring feelings of comfort, and naturally clean their classroom.

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