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April 23, 2019

The Brilliant Benefits of Books

Happy World Book Day, book lovers! Today is just about the greatest day of the year because it celebrates how wonderful books really are. It celebrates that joyful feeling you experience when you hold a book in your hands and feel the texture of the cover and pages. It celebrates those nights where you stay up late thinking, “Just one more chapter.” It celebrates the water damage from your tears that fell onto the pages as you cried for your favorite character. It celebrates the worn out spines and coffee stains that symbolize a well-loved book. 

But most of all, it celebrates the impact that reading can have on a person, particularly a young child. In short, World Book Day celebrates the love anyone can have for books. 

What Is World Book Day? 

World Book Day is a day designated to encourage children across the globe to explore the joy of books and reading. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, World Books Day is on March 7. However, the United States and many other countries celebrate it on April 23, which is the anniversary of the first ever World Book Day in 1995. 

To encourage children to read, schools, libraries, and many other organizations across the United Kingdom provide Book Tokens that children can then take to participating bookstores to get one of ten free books. These Book Tokens help some 15 million children receive a free book. 

Why Celebrate Books? 

We all know that reading is good for you. Whether you know that by experience, through someone telling you, or more intuitively, it’s absolutely true. And it’s not just book lovers trying to persuade everyone else to love reading; there are actual studies to support the claim that reading is good. 

Reading is beneficial for all ages, but it is especially crucial for young children. From reading aloud to the unborn baby in your tummy to taking time to read with your child(ren) at home, it all makes a difference. Here are just some of the many benefits that reading – particularly reading aloud – can have on young children: 

How You Can Celebrate World Book Day

Reading provides so many benefits to anyone who chooses to engage in the activity, and World Book Day is all about helping children in particular discover those benefits…and a love for reading. But, the Book Tokens are only handed out around the United Kingdom, and they already celebrated World Book Day in March. So, what can we do to celebrate today? 

So many things! Here are just a few ideas: 

Essential Oil Books

For those of you who are essential oil fans, we’ve got some fun literature for you to explore as part of World Book Day! Check out these books and downloads that we know you will love! 

There are so many things you can do to celebrate books and reading! Whatever you choose, pick something that will ignite and feed your love for reading, and help a child to develop the same. Remember, reading is dreaming with eyes wide open! 


Share your ideas with us! We would love to hear what you do to celebrate World Book Day! 



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