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November 23, 2020

What We’re Keeping an Eye On This Black Friday

Are you ready for our BIGGEST sale of the year?! Our week-long Black Friday sale is the best time of the year to get the lowest price on all of your favorite RMO items. As a business built for online shopping with FREE shipping on orders over $25, plus a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, we’re confident that your Black Friday experience with us will be nothing short but incredible.

With this sale just around the corner, we wanted to help you with all your 2020 holiday shopping by sharing some of our customer’s all-time favorite products and oils to help you line up gifts for your loved ones — and maybe a thing or two for your own wishlist! See below for some shopping inspiration that will get you labeled as the “best gift-giver” this year!

The RMO Black Friday Gift Guide

cbd Starter strength
CBD Starter Strength ($39.99) (Black Friday Price = $27.99)
Extra Strength CBD Oil ($129.95) (Black Friday Price = $90.99)

Treat your loved ones to a little peace of mind this holiday season with our line of 100% natural, full-spectrum CBD oil. With less than .3% THC, this oil provides the full benefits of CBD oil without any psychoactive side effects. Simply take 25mg twice a day to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and to make for a much calmer, happier, and balanced end to 2020.

Five Stars

“I was surprised after just a couple days I felt calmer, happier. My muscles are more relaxed, which makes daily life more productive and pleasant.”Catherine M.


Tohi Toothpaste

Tohi Cool Mint Toothpaste ($8.95) (Black Friday Price = $6.27)

Say “goodbye!” to post-lunch breath while you’re out wearing your mask with our highly beloved Tohi Cool Mint Toothpaste. Infused with 100% pure essential oils, this minty fresh toothpaste is great for supporting your loved one’s oral health while also ensuring that their mask experience is as enjoyable as possible.

Five Stars

“Love this toothpaste. Your teeth feel like you just had them professionally cleaned after every time you brush.”Barbara H.

Immune Strength
Immune Strength ($26.95) (Black Friday Price = $18.87)
Sacred Immune Strength ($34.95) (Black Friday Price = $24.47)

Good health has been on all of our minds as we move into the colder winter months, and what better way to show how much you care than by giving the gift of extra support with our Immune Strength and Sacred Immune Strength blends? Designed to purify the air and help support a healthy immune system, these fan-favorite essential oil blends are bound to win you the “best gift ever” award!

Five Stars

“I LOVE this wonderful oil! It’s scent is warm, soothing and uplifting all at once. I’m a massage therapist and all my clients love it and ask what it is.”Amy G.

Handheld Personal Diffuser
Handheld Personal Diffuser ($15.95) (Black Friday Price = $11.17)

If you’re looking for something unique to gift to your friends and family, look no further than our new Handheld Personal Diffuser! This product has been a customer must-have from the first day it launched, and it has continued to be one of our team’s favorite items to use while shopping, driving, or even just working at home! 

Five Stars

“Ever since the handheld diffuser was launched I had wanted to get one. I finally received one and am so happy with my purchase. I love the size, the easy way it works, it’s look and having a reusable battery all for a great price. I had so much fun with it yesterday, misting. I plan to buy more for presents. Thank you for such a simple but innovative product! What a treat!” — Marsha J.

Holiday Oils
Holiday Latte Kit ($50.00) (Black Friday Price = $35.00)
Christmas Morning Holiday Kit ($29.95) (Black Friday Price = $20.96)

This year’s celebration may feel different to many of us, but there’s still ways to bring the holiday spirit into your home with our signature holiday essential oil kits! Choose from our yummy Holiday Latte Kit with beloved scents like Pumpkin Spice Latte, Eggnog Latte or Peppermint Mocha for a warm coffeehouse feel in your space, or try our Christmas Morning Kit for your favorite holiday scents such as Evergreen Dream, Warm and Cozy, and Candy Cane!

Five Stars

“I’m very happy with this set! Each scent is sooo good and reminds me of Christmas—I’ve been diffusing each of them separately and sometimes a little of two together with great results. The Evergreen Dream really does smell like a Christmas tree, the Candy Cane is a refreshing smooth scent, and Warm and Cozy is exactly that! If you want your home to smell like Christmas, don’t hesitate to buy this set!”Diane D.

Tohi Cleaner
Tohi Multipurpose Cleaner ($15.95) (Black Friday Price = $11.17)

It’s time to say “Bye!” to harmful and expensive chemical cleaners, and “Hello!” to natural cleaning solutions. Help your friends and loved ones stay safe during the cooler winter months with our best-selling Tohi Multi-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate. Made with our signature Immune Strength essential oil blend, this cleaning concentrate is designed to naturally and effectively clean and purify surfaces while leaving behind a fresh, invigorating, and spicy scent that is sure to become a new favorite in any household.

Five Stars

“I love this Tohi cleaner. One of my friends recommended it to me and I love it. I have been using it regularly since I received it. The smell is so good and I love how fresh it smells. I will definitely buy more of this in the future.”Kaitlin G.

Filling Up Your Black Friday Wishlist

We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate our biggest sale of the year coming up in just a few days! We hope these recommendations have helped you feel more prepared for all of your holiday shopping! Do you have any products that you’re stocking up on during this Black Friday sale? Let us know in the comments!

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