Tohi Nutritional Supplement FAQs

Q. Are essential oils found in your supplements?

A. Yes, The essential oil blends added to the Tohi supplements were carefully selected with your health and safety in mind. The trace amounts of essential oils used are similar to that found in commercial food and beverages. Together with other natural ingredients, the trace amounts of essential oils work together synergistically to enhance the effectiveness of each vitamin, mineral or herb used in our Tohi dietary supplement line.

Q. Can Tohi Supplements be taken on an empty stomach?

A. Yes, they can. Everyone's body chemistry is different. If you experience any stomach upset, please drink an 8oz cup of water.

Q. Is caffeine found in these supplements?

A. Caffeine is found in Burst. The caffeine content in Burst is 100% natural from plant based ingredients and is the equivalent of a small, weak cup of coffee (16 mg per pill). We took great care to include enough caffeine to give you a boost while plant based ingredients help balance your body hormones for long term sustained relief from fatigue.

Q. Do your supplements contain mercury?

A. No. The fish that we use is 100% mercury free.

Q. What fish are used in your Omegas?

A. The fish oil used in Enhance is: Omega 3, Tuna & Krill. Omega 7, Pollock.

Q. Is the glycerin found in the soft gels, animal or plant derived?

A. The glycerin is plant based and is a very small amount to help the product flow during production.

Q. Why was Soy Lecithin IP chosen as the binding agent?

A. The Soy Lecithin IP was specifically chosen as a plant based source for a flow agent during production. Our focus was to eliminate a lot of the chemical and synthetic fillers and flow agents you see in other supplements. Soy Lecithin IP (identity preserved) was also used because it's certified as it comes from NON-GMO soybeans.

Q. Why is beeswax included in your supplements?

A. Beeswax is a healthy natural ingredient used to produce the softgels. Our focus was to eliminate the harmful chemicals and synthetic fillers and flow agents you see in other supplements.

Q. Does your Nourish Supplement contain Gluten?

A. The wheatgrass found in Nourish is a gluten-free product. The wheatgrass used in the product is harvested at day seven prior to the process of “jointing”. Jointing is the development process whereby the grain forms and gluten becomes present. “Pre-jointing” phases are considered gluten-free products. This is important to note that Nourish only contains the grass, not the grass plus the rest of the grain.

Q. Are there any synthetic vitamins and minerals added to this formula?

A. We don't tolerate synthetics and adulterants in our essential oils and we certainly don't tolerate them in our supplements. Our supplements are as natural and plant based as possible to give you the nutrients your body needs in a form that is as close to the original plant as possible.

Q. Should the supplement Replenish, be refrigerated because of the ingredient acidophilus?


Q. Are these supplements gel capsules or dry?

A. Burst, Defend, Enhance, and Nourish are Gel Capsules. Replenish is a Dry Capsule.

Q. What are the amounts of the DHA and EPA Omegas?

A. Plant and Fish sources provide the same Omegas but in slightly different types. Plant based omegas are considered more desirable due to their plant based origin, high sustainability and non-existent toxin levels compared to fish. The omegas from marine animal-based omegas come from the EPA/DHA type which are faster for your body to use. Plants based omegas come from the ALA type which is converted by the body to EPA/DHA.We put our fish oil through the same intense panel of tests that we do our essential oils to provide the highest quality possible without contaminants, adulterants or synthetics. While there are still good sources of marine animal-based omega oil available, they are getting harder and harder to find. Most marine life is now very contaminated with mercury and other heavy metal contamination from widespread water pollution. Unfortunately, this trend of contamination is increasing. As a result, Rocky Mountain Oils is working with experts in a variety of fields to find ways to provide you with cutting edge advances in ingredients with an emphasis on using plant based, sustainable products that are as close to the original plant as possible with minimal processing. Scientists are hard at work finding ways to provide your body with 100% of the omegas it needs from plant based sources, since the amount of toxins in marine life continues to rise and the supply of toxin-free fish oil struggles to keep up with demand. In the meantime, our potent blend of Plant and Fish based ingredients combines the best of both sources of clean, powerful omegas to give you more than the average daily amount you need to support a healthy body.