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Citrus Blend Essential Oil Blend has a refreshing, rejuvenating, freshly peeled citrus scent. The oil blends together Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, and Lime.

Citrus Blend Essential Oil Blend is part of the Rocky Mountain Oils Energy Collection. Try diffusing the oil to clean and freshen the air, while uplifting your mood and promoting upbeat, confident feelings. Citrus Blend also may help refresh a tired mind and clear inferior thoughts.

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Great Scent
I love this scent? It is very uplifting and energizing. It's like summer time in a bottle. I diffuse this every day.
April 30, 2017
1 month ago
My all-time favorite
A light, bright, clean, happy scent. It has a sort of "simplifying" effect on me, thinning my worries so that energy for the good can rush through.
May 16, 2013
One of my favorites!
I use Citrus Blend for almost everything that I want to smell good in my home. I diffuse it in my car, home, for a linen spray, perfume for myself, etc. Can't go wrong with this oil if you love citrus.
August 6, 2014
Citrus Blemd
Smells lovely and I'm glad that it's not blended with any other carrier oil!
May 22, 2017
2 weeks ago
citrus blend
great I realy like the smell
March 21, 2014
Love this oil
Smells great! Very uplifting!!
April 6, 2014
Happy Place
Love it! I rub it on my ears and it keeps me in a happy place.
April 7, 2014
Instant Energy
Crisp sunshine by the drop...
April 14, 2014
Love the scent. So far I've put a few drops on my wrists and behind my ears...very uplifting! Waiting for my new diffuser to get here so I can enjoy the scent in the house.
May 7, 2014
Very Fresh!!
This oil is refreshing diffused! I like to also put a drop in my dish soap.
May 11, 2014
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Why did you choose this?
Rocky Mountain Oils Store
Uplifting of mood
Katherine H on May 21, 2017
I love citrus
Theodore J M on May 20, 2017
Uplifting of mood
Katherine H on May 21, 2017
We love this oil for mood & to clean the air
Melanie Wagner S on May 21, 2017
I love citrus
Theodore J M on May 20, 2017
I bought this to use in my diffuser!
Jodi V on May 19, 2017
love the smell... great for a pick me up
Elizabeth S on May 19, 2017
I love all the citrus oils - I diffuse and use in lotions.
Stacey W on May 18, 2017
Anything citrus appeals to my senses and is a natural uplifter!
Sophia D. on May 18, 2017
Love this scent!
Jill K on May 17, 2017
fresh smell - cleaning
Jackie L on May 17, 2017
Because I thought it was fresh and uplifting.
Shannon B on May 17, 2017
Clean fresh scent
Mackenzie K on May 16, 2017
Great reviews and looking for a good fresh smell for a diffuser - 1st order
Kelley S on May 14, 2017
I love the citrus oils and I wanted to compare yours to Young Living.
Stephanie L on May 12, 2017
smells great
robby b on May 11, 2017
For my homemade dishwasher detergent and for cleaning
Erica M on May 10, 2017
The reviews were so good, it made me want to try this oil.
Karen T on May 5, 2017
Smells good.
Sarah F on May 5, 2017
My husband love you citrus smell. It helps him relax and sleep well.
Christina S. on May 5, 2017
Makes laundry smell great!
Tamara C on May 4, 2017
My husband and I have been using a lot of single oils and blending them in our diffuser. My husband tends to always use the citrus oils (lemon, lime and orange) so I thought this would be the perfect mix, already blended (and at a great price)!
Karen E on May 4, 2017
I love grapefruit and lemon, and this allows me to get those two plus the lime, so I can add to my Bergamot and make a really nice mood lifter roller ball.
Sarah V on May 3, 2017
perk the house up :)
Pat M on May 3, 2017
i went to a young living house sales party and won a cleaning spray made with citrus and thieves - no interest in supporting a company that does those house party sales. did some online research and found out about rmo. i want to make the cleaning spray with rmo oils and see if i like it as much as the spray i won at the party. this is a test of your oils! not cheap for canadian consumers so hope it works out.
deb a on May 1, 2017
To clean with my small children in the house
Rachel B on May 1, 2017
I truly love citrusy smells as well as edibles
Brenda K on Apr 29, 2017
I love to diffuse this for a clean, fresh smell in my home.
Nancy M on Apr 29, 2017
It is a gift
Krista T on Apr 23, 2017
Love the scent of these mixed together.
Tanya T on Apr 23, 2017
I chose this to make my own floor cleaner. I wanted to the citrus to help freshen the air but it is also a good bug/ant repellent.
Jennifer C on Apr 20, 2017
For my diffuser, clean happy scent
Anna Y on Apr 18, 2017
Home ambiance, I coming home to a citrus smell.
Norma R on Apr 17, 2017
I use the individual oils contained in this & it is cheaper to buy it premixed for my diffuser.
Jolene H on Apr 17, 2017
like citrus smells and keeps my clients alert
caroL c on Apr 16, 2017
Love my citrus
Paula S on Apr 15, 2017
I have been wanting to get a citrus EO blend. I am looking forward trying RMO Eos.
Emily W on Apr 15, 2017
As with the Orange, I'm buying this again because of the wonderful aroma in our difussers. My husband loves the scent.
Bettrice M on Apr 15, 2017
I love the citrus smell. I bought this for my mom already but I got into it to try it and I love it. I had to buy her another one since I already opened hers.
Jennifer F on Apr 14, 2017
To use in my diffuser.
Bonnie Z on Apr 13, 2017
My favorite oil blend to diffuse and give me energy when I feel sluggish.
John H on Apr 12, 2017
freshen my home
joyce c on Apr 11, 2017
I love citrus blends, they are always fresh and clean smelling. Had great reviews.
Sandy B. on Apr 11, 2017
household cleaning properties
Karla J on Apr 8, 2017
SUSAN V. on Apr 4, 2017
we use this for cleaning everything - home, air, and our bodies.
Barbara L on Apr 4, 2017
We love this oil for mood & to clean the air
Melanie Wagner S on May 21, 2017
I bought this to use in my diffuser!
Jodi V on May 19, 2017
Does anyone use the citrus blend for cleaning?
Laurie M on Apr 12, 2017