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Deep Breathe

Essential Oil Blend
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Whether it's a cold in the winter months or allergies all year round, having a stuffy nose not only makes it difficult to breathe but can also interfere with you living your daily life. With a strong, menthol-like aroma, our Deep Breathe Essential Oil Blend is an all-natural, congestion-fighting solution that can help open up your airways and help you breathe deeply once again. 

Deep Breathe is a powerful combination of Ravintsara, Rosemary, Pine, and Lime essential oils. These oils work together to support your body's natural immune responses to help overcome illnesses that may be causing your congestion. Diffuse Deep Breathe to help keep the air around you clean of unwanted germs. For those times when your congestion is accompanied with a cough, diffuse Deep Breathe or apply topically to help soothe the throat and calm your cough. 

In addition to promoting deeper breathing, Deep Breathe is great for relieving fatigue or achiness that may accompany your cold and congestion. Inhaling Deep Breathe's strong, crisp aroma can help re-energize your mind and uplift your mood. Apply Deep Breathe topically to help ease muscle soreness or general body aches. 

The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Neither Rocky Mountain Oils® nor its products are intended for the purpose of diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using these products. 

Deep Breathe contains pure Ravintsara, Rosemary, Pine, and Lime essential oils. 

  • Diffuse in your home or office to help clear stuffy air and protect yourself against unwanted illness. 
  • Diffuse or add to an aromatherapy inhaler, and inhale the aroma when you feel congested or stuffy. 
  • Apply topically or diffuse to help ease a stubborn cough. 
Breathe Better Chest Compress Combine oils together in a small container, or in your hands. Massage the mixture into the chest area. Soak your washcloth in hot water, as hot as you can handle. Wring out the excess water and place the wet washcloth on your chest over the area where you applied the oil mixture. 

Steamy Deep Breathe Shower 
  • 10-15 drops Deep Breathe
  • Washcloth

Place 10-15 drops of Deep Breathe onto a washcloth. Place the washcloth on the shower floor, and turn on the shower. When the shower gets steamy, breathe in deeply. 

Dilute prior to applying topically. 

Kids Safety: Safe to use on children ages 10 years and older. Dilute to a .5-1% dilution rate prior to applying topically on children.

Your trust and confidence is very important to us. As part of our S.A.A.F.E. Promise™
to you, we provide GC/MS (Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry) test results from a verified third party, independent lab for each one of our essential oil products.

GC/MS tests verify purity and quality of the oils we sell, so you can be sure you’re using the highest quality oils available on the market today.

Click here for the GC/MS test results for your bottle of Deep Breathe Essential Oil Blend.

Click here for dilution rate.

Customer Reviews

57 Reviews

The Customer Reviews are provided for the benefit and information of RMO’s customers. RMO prohibits any customer reviews that contain vulgar, explicit, or inappropriate language or content. Among other things, inappropriate content includes, but is not limited to, customer reviews that make claims violative of FDA regulations or laws, such as claims that the product is used for the purpose of diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any disease.

4.7 / 5.0
57 Reviews
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One of my all time favorite oils. Love the smell, hint of lime!
My kids keep asking to diffuse it all the time!
January 21, 2020
1 month ago
reat breathe oil
With more and more allergy effectors, it really helps me breathe better, especially at night
September 16, 2019
5 months ago
Wonderful quality, love the smell!!
September 5, 2019
6 months ago
A Life Saver
My husband is subject to awful coughing spells, particularly when he's having a meal. Inhaling the scent of Deep Breathe or placing a couple of drops under his nose stops his coughing quicker than any other remedy.
May 3, 2019
10 months ago
One of my favorites
Deep Breathe smells good and truly helps me and my client pause and take a moment to take meaningful breaths.
March 22, 2019
11 months ago
Stimulates my Senses!
My husband and I have been religiously using another brand's respiratory oil to help us get through these horrible winter months. We ran out and didnt have the money to purchase a big order with the other company. We've wanted to try Rocky Mountain Oils, so we pulled the trigger. After 2 weeks of congestion, this was the first oil we purchased. When it arrived, amazingly fast, we diffused it. This scent is much more potent smelling than the other brand we are used to, but it worked wonders! I dont mind potent smells, especially with this never-ending congestion hubby and I have had. We needed to "smell" it before we really jumped in with RMO's whole-heartedly, but we are now converting to this brand exclusively!
February 6, 2019
1 year ago
Amazing stuff. Use on my chest when congested. Also diffuse with more other oils such as lavender, lime or peppermint. A drop or 2 on my pillow to help with sleep.
November 23, 2018
1 year ago
Great product! Smells good!
September 29, 2018
1 year ago
A+++ Best thing ever!!!
Love this oil!!! I diffuse it with the eucalyptus and spirament also!! I use them every night. If my diffuser cuts off in the middle of the night or if I forget to fill it up before bed time, I wake up so stopped up and congested that I can hardly breathe at all!! This is the absolute best oils I have gotten. My husband even likes it and tries to make sure I have it filled and ready to go before bedtime!!! Absolutely love it!!
June 16, 2018
Use it before going to bed
Good fragrance
March 17, 2018
1 year ago
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What is the difference between Deep Breathe & Breathe Ease?
angela f on Apr 18, 2017
Deep Breathe
Deep Breathe
Breathe Ease
Breathe Ease
BEST ANSWER: Breathe Ease has 2 kinds of Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is not safe for kids under 10.
I can't find anywhere that says if these blends come pre-diluted or not. Can someone please tell me if they contain carrier oil already or just the essential oils?
Jessica S on Dec 15, 2018
Deep Breathe
Deep Breathe
Breathe Ease
Breathe Ease
BEST ANSWER: Excellent question! You can find it under the Elements section on each page. Both of these are neat blends.

-RMO Team
Is this safe to use around pets?
Mary S on Dec 16, 2019

Great question! At this time, we have found insufficient research about using essential oils on or around domestic animals, including procedures and possible reactions. Because of this lack of research, we are unable to advise how to use essential oils with pets.

For more information, we are happy to suggest some great books! Please see below:

- The Animal Desk Reference: Essential Oils for Animals, by Melissa Shelton, DVM
- Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals: A Comprehensive Guide to the Use of Essential Oils & Hydrosols with Animals, by Kristen Leigh Bell

- RMO Team
At what age can this be used topically (Diluted) on children?
ErinG on Nov 27, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Great Question! Due to the Ravintsara and Rosemary in this, it is not recommended till age 10.

Thanks! -RMO Team
Would this be good for asthma? I don't have a diffuser. Would be using it topically. Cannot afford preventative inhaler.
Patty W. on Jan 3, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Great question! Although we are not medical professionals, we are committed to helping others learn about essential oils and how they can help improve our health and wellness. Deep Breathe helps support the Respiratory system.

-RMO Team
Does this blend come already diluted or is it a neat blend?
Jessica S on Dec 12, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Good Question! This is a neat blend.

-RMO Team
How many drops do you use in a standard diffuser?
Kati P on Aug 23, 2018

We usually suggest using 5-10 drops of essential oil per 100ml of water in the diffuser. However, it is based on personal preference and which works best for you.

- RMO Team
I heard Rosemary is not good for kids. It looks like deep breathe contains rosemary. So, would this one be safe for a 6 year old or do you have another one that would be safe for a 6 year old besides the kids line roll on?
A shopper on Jan 22, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Great question! We would not recommend using the blend topically for a 6 year old, however it can safely be diffused. Thanks! -RMO Team.
My 14 month old son has a history of breathing issues. (Not asthma, just underdeveloped lungs and a propensity to bronchiolitis) Would this be safe to use in a diffuser in his room? Is it something I can dilute and use topically?
Kim T on Nov 1, 2017
BEST ANSWER: We would not suggest topical application of this blend for young children. However, most oils with the exception of Eucalyptus and Peppermint, can be diffused without any issues. We always suggest to follow the safety guidelines like, to diffuse in an open, well-ventilated area. Always keep the children out of the direct line of mist and diffuse in 30-60 minute intervals with with larger break periods to give the body a break. Our RMO Kids page would definitely be a good tool to use when learning about child safe essential oils. Thanks! -RMO Team
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The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Neither Rocky Mountain Oils nor its products are intended for the purpose of diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using these products.

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