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  • Ajowan Seed

    Incredibly effective against digestive problems. (Similar to Thyme)
  • Aligning

    Rocky Mountain Oils' Aligning is a chiropractor in a bottle.
  • At Peace

    Rocky Mountain Oils' At Peace brings a sense of peace back into our lives.  

  • Attention Assist

    Rocky Mountain Oils' Attention Assist is the #1 blend on the market for treating ADD and ADHD.

  • Baby Skin

    Rocky Mountain Oils' Baby Skin is great to use for the general skin care of children, teenagers, and adults.

  • Balance

    Use Rocky Mountain Oils' Balance blend to balance all the aspects of your life.

  • Balsam of Peru

    RMO’s Balsam of Peru is an excellent skin care oil and perfume base.
  • Basil

    Relieve your headache, eliminate anxiety and sharpen your mind with Rocky Mountain Oils' Basil.
  • Bay Rum

    Rocky Mountain Oils' Bay Rum is our #1 oil for men. It’s perfect for hair products and for men’s care.
  • Bergamot FCF

    RMO’s Bergamot FCF is one of the best oils for emotional well-being and improving your mood.
  • Black Cumin

    Support your immune system with RMO’s Black Cumin essential oil.
  • Black Pepper

    Rocky Mountain Oils' Black Pepper helps treat digestive problems, aching muscles, and infections.
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