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Mentha arvensis | Essential Oil
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Cornmint Essential Oil (Mentha arvensis) is also commonly known as Japanese Mint and Field Mint. The oil has a strong minty, warm, herbaceous aroma presenting a top fragrance note.

Cornmint Essential Oil is part of the Rocky Mountain Oils Relief collection, and may be used in place of Peppermint Essential Oil. The minty-sweet aroma can empower and soothe your mood, while balancing out thoughts and promoting openness and positivity.

Peppermint vs Cornmint

  • Peppermint’s aroma is minty, cool, invigorating, and sharp.
  • Cornmint’s aroma is minty, sweet, warm, and herbaceous.

Botanical Name: Mentha arvensis
Country of Origin: India
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Plant Part: Leaf
Aroma: Mint, Sweet
Consistency: Medium
Blends Well With: Blend of Vanilla, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Ravintsara, Rosemary

  • Try using it in a massage oil 
  • Diffuse the sweet minty aroma to empower and soothe your mood
  • Can be used as a replacement to peppermint
  • Diffuse or use deep inhalation to balance out thoughts and promote openness

Cooling Foot Spray
  • 25-30 drops Cornmint Essential Oil
  • 5-8 drops Rosemary Essential Oil
  • 2 tablespoon Aloe Vera Gel
  • 2 tablespoon Witch Hazel Extract

Mix all ingredients into a 4oz spray bottle. Shake well before use. Store in the refrigerator for an even cooler effect.

Note: Lavender can be substituted for Tea Tree

Queezy Tummy  Rub

In a 10ml roller bottle combine

In a 10ml roller bottle combine all ingredients. Apply and massage into the abdomen area in a clockwise direction.

Do not apply to or near the face of infants or children

Click here for dilution rates.

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Customer Reviews

43 Reviews

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Very nice
Sweet smell, more delicate than usual mint. I like cornmint a lot because it has the same effects as mint but in a more subtile and pleasing way.
September 4, 2017
1 month ago
What A Wonderfully Soft Surprise
Cornmint Oil is a new oil for us. It's definitely a cousin to peppermint oil, but much, much softer and a wee bit sweeter. Lovely oil for cleaning products, for diffusing and for blending with either a non-scented or Lavender or Coconut scented organic hand lotion. This is a very sweet little oil. So glad RMO carries it. I'd never HEARD of cornmint before!
August 6, 2017
2 months ago
So good!
I have been enjoying this mixed with other oils or alone. It smells slightly herbaceous and delicately minty. I'm so glad I added it to my collection!
July 3, 2017
3 months ago
This mint is neither harsh nor subtle. It adds a lift with out the sting and it pulls up some deep feelings of relief too.
June 3, 2017
5 months ago
So impressed
I'm so impressed with this company and the most recent shipment! This oil smells so good, I put it in my diffuser house smells clean.
I'm new to this company, have used another for about a year I got tired of their prices. My orders would take weeks! I got this order in 4 days!
May 15, 2017
Not sure how to use
Not sure how to use this oil.
January 10, 2017
Smells and works as well as peppermint! Love it!!
January 5, 2017
Love Love Love!!!!
I absolutely love RMO's! They're the only oils that I use! I would recommend these to everyone!
January 2, 2017
Cornmint is yummy for your nose
I love peppermint, but sometimes it’s a bit overpowering. i love corn mint, it’s just right. It’s minty, but doesn’t kick you in the nose. Very pleasant to use.
December 29, 2016
pleasant and mild!
I loved the cornmint because it is less intense than peppermint. It has a pleasant scent with a similar smell to peppermint. I would highly recommend this oil! Great alternative to the stronger mints!
December 28, 2016
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Rocky Mountain Oils Store
to diffuse
Debbie H. on Oct 10, 2017
Love the smell
Tonya P on Sep 26, 2017
to diffuse
Debbie H. on Oct 10, 2017
i really wanted the minty cleaning oil and i have the other components so i wanted to try making it myself :)
Rachel M on Sep 30, 2017
Love the smell
Tonya P on Sep 26, 2017
headache relief
ashley y on Sep 15, 2017
fresh in atomizer
Nancy B on Sep 8, 2017
love the scent
Brenda H on Sep 7, 2017
Cornmint is a great stand-in for peppermint for diffusing purposes. (and a little cheaper than peppermint)
Abigail D on Sep 6, 2017
I was looking for a cheaper "energy" essential oil to add to my order.
Stefano M on Aug 30, 2017
Love this product...soft mint!
Kerry K on Aug 27, 2017
Love the aroma that comes when Cornmint diffused.
Pamela W on Aug 22, 2017
It sounds intriguing--and it's on sale!
Traci P on Aug 21, 2017
Had never heard of it and the reviews were good
Carol M on Aug 21, 2017
love smell
Cindy on Aug 21, 2017
I read the reviews and thought I will give it a try. I never had a bad experience with RMO.
Lucinda S on Aug 20, 2017
To add a nice scent to any DIY products I make.
Chloe S on Aug 20, 2017
just to see the difference and interested in the herb smell and warm vs cool scent...basically the description got me!
Deanna R on Aug 20, 2017
Diffuse it with citrus or lavender.
Kirstin J. on Aug 19, 2017
excellent in diffuser I like the smell
Michele K on Aug 18, 2017
Love the Mint family. This is one I haven't tried
Wanda P on Aug 10, 2017
To replace peppermint.
Michael M on Jul 31, 2017
something new to try
Shannon S on Jul 30, 2017
Want to try this as a possible additive to my cleaning arsenal.
Amy M on Jul 21, 2017
Have never used this one. Just wanted to see if it is milder than the peppermint while giving much the same results.
Sherry D on Jul 21, 2017
just thought I would try it. See how it works, smells.
Billi S on Jul 20, 2017
I want to try the cornmint because it cost less than peppermint.
Sara B on Jul 20, 2017
I tried this one before when it was on sale, and found that we like it as much as peppermint. I will continue to order this one.
Janice G on Jul 20, 2017
Tabita I on Jul 20, 2017
This oil is great for enhanced breathing at night if you struggle for any reason, and for adding a cooling effect to a moisturizing oil.
Nicole D on Jul 20, 2017
It's a new oil to me, and the price was right to try something new.
Lisa Z on Jul 18, 2017
This is so great for stomachaches!
Elizabeth T on Jul 14, 2017
Kathy M. on Jul 4, 2017
Wanted to try a milder version to peppermint
Zhao Rong Luan L on Jul 1, 2017
Have never tried but sounded so good i will give it a try.
Jackie A on Jun 30, 2017
I love the clean, minty scent!
Tiamae D on Jun 24, 2017
Very sensitive to fragrance and get headaches. I love the smell of mojitos which include lime and mint. Anything with these aromas never give me a headache.
Talia G on Jun 23, 2017
Never heard of, wanted to try it
Holly G on Jun 22, 2017
Oil I have not tried
Tina M on Jun 17, 2017
Having used this before--it is a pleasant and refreshing digestive oil.
Elise M on May 29, 2017
When I pull or strain a muscle. Works great for muscles.
Roxy T on May 27, 2017
It's a rare oil that not a lot of other companies have.
Lana G on May 20, 2017
New to me and I'd like to try it in my practice.
Ginger F on May 19, 2017
Shannon M on May 18, 2017
New one to try and see of help with pain relief.
Shelli B on May 17, 2017
Love mint oil and mine was low and wanted to give RMO a try I have looked into different oils and yours stands out to me.
Lynnell S on May 15, 2017
Never heard of it...and it sounds refreshing.
Georgette K on May 6, 2017
It works and I love the smell!
Andy O on May 4, 2017
Been using peppermint but this one came as a promo when checked out. I love the smell of cornmint better than the regular peppermint since it's more fresh. Give it a try!!
Rima W. on May 4, 2017
Love mint
Natalie H on May 3, 2017
New to oils, love minty scents; going to diffuse & use in homemade cleaners. Liked how the description for this oil explained it's milder than peppermint.
Crystal R on May 1, 2017
The reviews sold me on this. It will be in the diffuser in my living room...
Joanne M on Apr 26, 2017
i really wanted the minty cleaning oil and i have the other components so i wanted to try making it myself :)
Rachel M on Sep 30, 2017
headache relief
ashley y on Sep 15, 2017