Terms & conditions

Rocky Mountain Oils, L.L.C. (“RMO”) offers a rewards program to purchasers of its products. These Terms and Conditions regulate and govern the Rocky Mountain Oils Oil’ty Rewards Program (“Rewards Program”) and RMO’s relationship with the members of the Rewards Program (“Members,” “Member,” or “You”). These Terms and Conditions apply universally to the Rewards Program and supersede all previous rules, terms, and/or conditions. By participating in the Rewards Program, including but not limited to the purchase RMO products or the use of the points or benefits in the Rewards Program, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and accepted these Terms and Conditions and that you agree to be bound thereby.

  1. Eligibility. RMO customers 18 years and over may be eligible to participate in the Rewards Program. If eligible, all customers are automatically enrolled into the Rewards Program upon creating an RMO customer account. No purchase is necessary to enroll in the Rewards Program.

  2. Rewards Program Launch Date. The Rewards Program launched on August 4, 2016. Subsequent purchases of RMO products allow Members to accumulate Reward Program points consistent with the Terms and Conditions and any rules promulgated by RMO.

  3. Program Status Tiers. The Rewards Program consists of a basic membership located at the Preferred level. All customers that create an account with Rocky Mountain Oils are automatically enrolled into the Preferred level. The accumulation of points is subject to rules as set by RMO. Each Member is responsible for reading any rules, newsletters, account statements, terms, and/or conditions in order to understand his or her rights, responsibilities, and status in the Rewards Program, as well as the structure for earning rewards. The rewards structure is subject to modification, cancellation, or limitation at RMO’s discretion, with or without notice. The number of points required to redeem any reward may be substantially increased, any reward may be withdrawn, and restrictions on any reward or redemption may be imposed at any time.

  4. Program Benefits. Subject to RMO’s right to amend these Terms and Conditions in its sole discretion, enrollment in the Preferred level of the Rewards Program includes twenty-five (25) points for account creation, exclusive offers and discounts and a Preferred badge to adorn the customer’s account profile. Benefits are subject to change with or without notice. Benefits are only those listed on the website at any given time.

  5. Expiration of Points. Subject to RMO’s rights of termination and modification, Rewards Program points expire after one (1) year of account inactivity.

  6. Account Information. You may view your account information, including your program level, by clicking on the profile icon on the top, right-hand side of the web page. If you have any additional questions about this program, or how to locate your program level, you may contact customer service at 866-493-8159 or support@rockymountainoils.com

  7. Program Abuse. Forms of abuse to the Rewards Program include, but are not limited to, the following: failure to follow the Terms and Conditions or any other rules set by RMO; any fraudulent activity such as using bots to automate points; use of the Rewards Program to purchase products for resale, fraudulent referrals, or other activities deemed by RMO to violate these Terms and Conditions may, in RMO’s sole discretion, result in cancellation of your enrollment in the Rewards Program.

  8. Limitations. The Rewards Program may only be used on the RMO website toward the purchase of eligible products. Unless required by law, RMO points or benefits cannot be resold, redeemed for cash value, or applied to your credit card account or any account other than your RMO customer account.

  9. Change to and Termination of the Program. RMO, in its exclusive discretion, may change, add, or remove any items or aspects of the Rewards Program. RMO may terminate the Rewards Program at any time, with or without notice. You may not alter these Terms and Conditions under any circumstances. If you desire to terminate your program enrollment due to a change of policy, you may do so by contacting RMO’s customer service team at 866-493-8159 or sending an email to support@rockymountainoils.com

  10. Acknowledgment. All items and policies referenced in these Terms and Conditions represent the sound understanding between you and RMO concerning the Rewards Program, and overrules any other agreements, statements or representations. All users of the RMO website have accepted the Terms and Conditions set forth herein.

  11. Customer Care. For additional questions or concerns, you are welcome to call the Rocky Mountain Oils customer service team at 866-493-8159 or send an email to support@rockymountainoils.com.

  12. Tax Liability. Rewards Program points and rewards earned through participating in the Rewards Program may be subject to tax liability. Any tax liability, including disclosure, connected with the receipt or sue of the Rewards Program points or rewards is the sole responsibility of the Member.

  13. Program Membership. RMO reserves the right to reject applications for membership; to revoke, cancel, or suspend any Rewards Program membership, reward, and/or any and all unredeemed points; or take other actions at its discretion, at any time, with immediate effect and without written notice or liability to any Member, if RMO believes: a) the Member has (1) violated any of the Terms and Conditions or rules, (2) failed to pay any bills or accounts due to RMO, (3) acted in a manner inconsistent with applicable law, regulations, or ordinances, (4) engaged in any misconduct or wrongdoing in connection with the Rewards Program, or (5) engaged in abusive, fraudulent, inappropriate, or hostile conduct in connection with the Rewards Program, RMO, or RMO’s employees; or b) RMO’s provision of the Rewards Program and/or any associated benefits to Member may violate any applicable laws to which RMO is subject from time to time.

  14. Reservation of Rights. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions will limit RMO from exercising any legal rights or remedies that it may have.

  15. Void Where Prohibited. Membership in the Rewards Program, the awarding of points, and the redemption of any rewards are automatically void where prohibited by applicable law.

  16. Interpretation of Rules. RMO has the sole discretion to interpret and apply these Terms and Conditions, and any rules promulgated in relation to the Rewards Program, and all questions or disputes regarding them will be resolved by RMO in its sole discretion.

  17. General. Headings are for reference purposes only and do not limit the scope or extent of such section. These terms and conditions and the relationship between you and RMO will be governed by the laws of the State of Utah without regard to any conflict of law provisions. You and RMO agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of the federal and state courts located in the State of Utah with respect to any legal proceedings that may arise in connection with these Terms and Conditions. The failure of RMO to act with respect to a breach by you or others does not waive its right to act with respect to subsequent or similar breaches. You may not assign your Rewards Program status or points to any other party.