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Glass Bottle Disposal & Recycling

Essential oils are gifts from the earth. From sweeping fields of lavender to groves of oranges, Mother Nature provides many oils that make natural wellness possible. At Rocky Mountain Oils, we believe in protecting Mother Nature and the gifts she provides. One of our main missions is to be a leading sustainable company. This means cutting waste, sourcing sustainable oils, using recycled materials, and offering opportunities for others to recycle. This is why we started the industry's first Glass Recycling Program. Glass recycling is incredibly important, and some don't realize how detrimental it is to the earth when glass is simply thrown away.

Did you know?

  • Glass takes 4 thousand years to degrade in a normal setting and up to 1 MILLION years to degrade in a landfill.

  • The US throws away so much glass per week that it could fill a 1,350 ft building! To give you a visual, in two weeks,  disposed glass could fill the tallest building in the world, which is the 2,722 ft Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

  • Mining for glass produces almost 400 pounds of waste for every 2,000 pounds of glass that is made. If we used recycled glass instead of newly produced glass, we would reduce glass waste by more than 80%.

  • Glass can be recycled endlessly without dimensioning strength and quality.

Being an essential oil company, you could only imagine how much glass we and our customers go through! We do go through A LOT of glass; however, because recycling is a part of every workday, we only use glass bottles that are made out of recycled material. Not only that, but we send glass to be recycled to an authorized recycling center about once a week.

Believe it or not, it is so easy to recycle your glass essential oil bottles. Whether you are recycling within your city, sending us your glass bottles, or using your empty glass bottles in DIY projects, there is never an excuse to just throw the glass away!

Here are some steps for making recycling your glass so much easier!


Did you know that we started the industry’s first bottle recycling program? We recycle all of our used and damaged bottles, including returns from customers. If you do not have glass recycling in your area, you can always send us your old essential oil bottles, even if they are from other brands, and we will recycle them for you.

Want to do this?

Simply mail your glass bottles to the address below:

Rocky Mountain Oils
Attn: Recycling Program
15 E. 400 S.
Orem, UTAH 84058


If you are looking to eliminate the potential environmental impact caused by shipping, you can always find a recycling center near you! Simply enter your zip code here to see where you can recycle your glass and other recyclable products.


There are so many ways that you can reuse your empty bottles.
If you are looking to reuse your empty essential oil bottles, the first step is to clean out the bottle and remove the label (if desired).

Cleaning your bottle:

  • Remove the lid and orifice reducing dropper.
  • Peel off the label.
  • If there is sticky residue left behind after you remove the label, you can use Lemon essential oil, or soap and water to get the remainder off.
  • Clean the inside of the bottle to remove leftover oil or aroma by soaking the bottle in soapy water or vinegar for a few minutes and rinsing clean. (If you are looking to reuse your cap & dropper, make sure to include them in this soak.)
  • Dry with a towel or leave out to air dry.

Now you are ready to reuse your bottle!

Here are some tips for reusing your bottles in DIY projects:  

Create your own diffuser blends!
Have a favorite mixture of oils that you like to diffuse? Use your empty bottles to create your favorite DIY diffuser blends and have them ready to diffuse anytime! We have a great diffuser blend section on the blog if you need help picking a mixture to diffuse.

Make and share your oils or blends with your family!
Introduce your family and friends to essential oils by sharing your collection! Simply add 20-30 drops of your favorite essential oil to an empty bottle, and give it to your friends, family, or neighbors so that they can experience the benefits of essential oils.

Use your empty bottles to hold craft supplies!
Do you have loose beads, stones, or a broken container of glitter lying around in your craft room or drawer? Use your empty glass essential oil bottles to keep your favorite craft essentials safe and organized!

Create little flower or herb vases!
Make a tiny herb garden by planting your favorite herbs, like Basil, Thyme, or Rosemary, in your empty glass essential oil bottles. Or use your empty bottle as a little flower vase to display the small wildflower you picked on your afternoon walk.

No matter how you do it, whether you're reusing or recycling, it is so important to never throw your glass away!