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Sweet Oasis Linen Blend

Nothing is better than slipping into fresh-smelling sheets. While there are a lot of linen sprays on the market, many of them are filled with artificial fragrances and chemicals that can cause skin irritations. This natural linen spray uses our fan-favorite essential oil blend Sweet Oasis to leave your fabrics smelling clean and fresh without any harsh chemicals or toxins!

Sweet Oasis Linen Spray



  1. Combine witch hazel and Sweet Oasis in the glass spray bottle.
  2. Add about 4oz of distilled water, or until the bottle is almost full. Leave about ½ inch at the top.
  3. Twist on the cap, and shake well to combine.

How to Use:

You can use this linen spray on a variety of fabrics, including bedding, fabric furniture, clothing, and even your little one’s stuffed animals. Be sure to shake the bottle before each use.