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2018 Year in Review

A new year is often a time of both reflection and motivation: reflecting on the past year and getting motivated on what we want to do differently this year. At Rocky Mountain Oils, we’ve been doing just that.

As we look back on 2018, we are all extremely grateful for all of the hard work that our team put into not just reaching but exceeding our goals! And of course, we are especially grateful for our loyal customers who make everything possible! Let’s take a quick look and see all that 2018 brought:

2018 Year in Review

As you can see, 2018 brought about some pretty incredible things! But we’re not stopping there. In 2019, our RMO team is excited to step it up even further! We’ve got big plans to bring you more new products that you’ll love, to further reduce our ecological footprint, to serve those in our community and support causes we believe in, and to make your experiences with us even better.

We set the bar high last year, and we look forward to raising it even higher simply because we believe that you and everyone else deserves trusted, high-quality products and sincere customer care.

Thank you for making it possible for us to reach our goals in 2018! 2019,

here we come!

12 Remarkable Insights from the "2018 Year in Review - Rocky Mountain Oils"

The year 2018 was nothing short of spectacular for Rocky Mountain Oils. From humble beginnings to becoming an industry front-runner, this brand had one roller-coaster of a year.

2018 Year in Review - Rocky Mountain Oils

2018, the company surprised its loyal user base by launching many new products. Each product was a testament to their commitment to purity and quality. That wasn't all; the year witnessed Rocky Mountain Oils achieving significant milestones, setting new benchmarks for competitors.

Market Response

Oh, how customers raved about their experiences! Comparing the feedback from previous years, 2018 was a roaring success. From heartwarming testimonials to glowing online reviews, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

Business Growth and Expansion

2018 saw Rocky Mountain Oils breaking new ground, literally and figuratively. They ventured into new markets, and the collaborations they forged that year have stood the test of time.

Essential Oil Trends in 2018

There's no denying that lavender and eucalyptus dominated the essential oil scene. But 2018 brought forth intriguing blends and applications that garnered widespread attention.

Challenges Faced

Every coin has two sides, and 2018 was no exception. The rising competition made the market a rugged playground, yet the challenges only strengthened Rocky Mountain Oils' resolve.

Company's Environmental Efforts

In an era of environmental degradation, Rocky Mountain Oils took a stand. Sustainable sourcing became their mantra, and their green initiatives were commendable.

The Science Behind the Oils

Beyond the pleasant aromas lie rigorous testing and unparalleled purity standards. 2018 the company backed its claims with research, ensuring that every drop was the best.

Educational Initiatives

This year, we have witnessed a surge in educational outreach. From insightful workshops to comprehensive online resources, Rocky Mountain Oils made learning about essential oils a breeze.

Community and Social Engagement

The heart of the company lies in its community engagement. Their charitable activities in 2018 were a beacon of hope, highlighting their commitment beyond just business.

Global Presence

From the Americas to Asia, Rocky Mountain Oils expanded its global footprint. The feedback from international users was a testament to their global appeal.

Looking Ahead: Predictions for 2019

With 2018 setting such a robust foundation, expectations for 2019 were sky-high. Teasers for upcoming products kept enthusiasts on their toes, eagerly awaiting the next big launch.


What were the top-selling products in 2018?

Lavender and Eucalyptus oils dominated the sales charts, with a special mention of some intriguing new blends introduced that year.

How did Rocky Mountain Oils ensure product purity?

Rigorous testing and adherence to international purity standards were non-negotiable.

Were there any new markets explored in 2018?

Yes, the company ventured into several new domestically and internationally regions.

How did the company handle the increasing competition?

By staying true to their core values and continuously innovating.

What were the green initiatives introduced?

Sustainable sourcing and eco-friendly packaging were two significant steps.

Were there any significant collaborations in 2018?

Several strategic partnerships were forged, details of which were proprietary.


Looking back, 2018 was a pivotal year for Rocky Mountain Oils. It was a year of growth, challenges, triumphs, and learning. Here's to many more years of aroma, purity, and unmatched quality.