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4 Ways You Can Make a BIG Difference For Earth Day

Appreciate the planet we live on, with these 4 simple changes you can make TODAY to celebrate Earth Day.

Make a big impact with minimal effort. 

Earth Day is the one day a year we stop what we are doing, and truly appreciate our planet. We appreciate everything it gives us, from fresh air to clean water to rich soil. It is often that we take our planet earth for granted, and don’t truly see the blessings it provides us. It is our one and only home, and we need to cherish it. That is why the responsibility falls on us to protect it, and ensure that our planet earth will continue to thrive and support us and our future generations.

In honor of Earth Day, here are a few simple ways you give back to Mother Earth:

Avoid Fast Fashion and Practice Thrifting

1. Avoid Fast Fashion and Practice Thrifting

We know how fun shopping can be and with trends always changing, it feels like we are hitting that ‘add to cart' button often. The bad news is… The fashion industry is one of the biggest producers of waste and carbon polluters. An estimated 60-85% of newly produced clothes find themselves in the landfill each year. With the ever-growing trend of fast fashion, it is easy to want to throw out your wardrobe faster and replace it with items in the newest trend.

With the use of synthetic fabrics becoming more popular, the fast fashion industry contributes heavily to water pollution as synthetic fibers release non-biodegradable microplastics that end up polluting our oceans and harming animal life.

To do your part in helping the environment, choose brands that offer higher quality and longer-lasting products. Avoid fast fashion practices and decrease your waste production by choosing to donate your clothes or trade them in at thrift stores, instead of throwing them away. You can even go the extra mile and buy previously-loved clothes at great prices. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it is also economically friendly! Now you can try out new styles, at lower prices, while helping the environment; it’s an all-around win!

Ditch the Plastic

2. Ditch the Plastic

Ditch the plastic plates and bring out that new set that you have been dying to show off. There is no reason that China should sit all lonely in your cabinet, unused. Help keep the Earth green by using reusable plates, cups, and utensils. And when all is done, pop your dishes into the dishwasher and go relax.

You can also try making the switch to reusable water bottles. Just like our planet, water is vital to our health. Ditching disposable plastic water bottles for reusable ones will lower both carbon dioxide and plastic pollution. Each year more than 38 billion water bottles end up in landfills. Making the switch is not only better for you economically and environmentally, but it is also better for your health, as it eliminates the risk of microplastics or toxins from disposable bottles leaking into your drinking water.

Save the Planet Earth

3. Choose Brands that Prioritize Sustainability

The biggest impact you can make on the environment is done with your wallet. Large corporations are reported to be some of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions and pollution. Making the conscious effort to shop with sustainable brands can and will make a difference to the planet and the people on it. 

When deciding where to shop, take some time to research the brands you are looking at. A quick google search can tell you what efforts they are making to protect the environment and reduce their carbon footprint.

Sourced Essential Oils

4. Choose Responsibly Sourced Essential Oils 

At Rocky Mountain Oils, one of our top priorities is to take care of our environment, at any cost. As a brand that uses and offers essential oils, we believe that we must look out for our planet and its natural resources. We believe that essential oils are precious gifts that the earth provides us with, making it our responsibility to ensure that our methods of sourcing are eco-friendly. 

Because essential oils are highly concentrated and require large quantities of plants to be created, it is important that brands avoid the harvesting of endangered plant species. At RMO, we have chosen to no longer carry selected essential oils that are sourced from critically endangered species, in order to discourage their farming and procurement. 

As an essential oil brand that honors our planet and the resources it provides, we believe it is our responsibility to lead by example and promote sustainable sourcing. The farms we work with use sustainable practices to avoid overharvesting as well as, avoid distillation and essential oil procurement methods that could mean possible harm to the plant or its environment. We aim to make our sourcing as natural as possible, with a strict no use of harmful substances or chemicals in the farming of our essential oils. We ensure that our production methods are sustainable from farming and manufacturing to packaging and delivery, and encourage other brands to do the same. 

Every Day is Earth Day at RMO

Join RMO in taking the initiative to protect our planet earth. We only have one planet, and it's our responsibility to take care of it. We must seek out more sustainable and environmentally friendly methods and practices in our daily life. Protecting our planet doesn't have to be hard. Even the smallest change in our lifestyle can have the biggest impact. It is important to advocate for our planet and lead the next generations to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of life. 

That is what we believe here at RMO. And we hope you can join us in giving back this Earth Day.