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CBD 101: Part 10

Choosing A Good CBD Oil

Over the past several months, we've done our research on what CBD is, how hemp is different from marijuana, what CBD can do for your health, and more. As you've learned with us, you may be coming to the point where you are deciding whether CBD products are right for you. But as you start researching the right product, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the question, "How do I know which CBD oils are actually good?" 

That's a valid and very important question to ask yourself! When looking for CBD oil, you don't want to pick just any product. You want to make sure your CBD oil is truly pure and will provide you with the results you want. To help you get there, here are just a few things to keep in mind when choosing your CBD oil: 

Where Did The Hemp Come From? 

CBD oil comes from hemp plants, which means it is important to know just where your oil's hemp plants came from. Plants absorb everything from the soil around them. This includes all of the minerals, vitamins, water, and other components that are naturally found in soil. However, hemp is a hyperaccumulator, which means that it absorbs more easily. This means that it will also easily absorb any harmful chemicals or contaminants from pesticides, growth stimulators, or herbicides if they are used as part of the farming process. 

With that said, it is important that you look for a CBD oil that comes from hemp plants that are naturally and organically grown without harmful chemicals. One simple way to determine whether your oil's hemp plants were grown naturally is to buy CBD oil from hemp that is grown in the USA, Canada, or Europe. Many countries grow hemp but have more lenient laws about what you can and cannot use to grow their plants. Hemp grown in the US, Canada, or Europe follow more strict guidelines, so you are more likely to have pure, chemical-free CBD oil. 

How Much THC Is In Your CBD Oil? 

When looking for a good CBD oil, some people may not be too concerned about how much THC is in their oil. However, if you are looking to avoid any kind of psychoactive effect, and if you want your CBD oil to be legal, it cannot contain any more than .3% of THC. Such low levels of THC will not cause any psychoactive effects, especially when it is counteracted with the much higher levels of CBD. To find a good CBD oil, make sure it has .3% THC or less. 

How Was Your CBD Oil Extracted? 

Just like extracting essential oils from plants, there are several different methods that farmers and manufacturers can use to extract CBD oil from hemp plants. However, not all extraction methods are created equal. 

Some companies are all about making a buck, and to save some extra money, they may end up choosing a cheap or improper way to extract CBD oil. Some of these improper methods involve harsh solvents, such as hexane, butane, or propane, all of which are harmful to the human body or even illegal. The gentlest and best way to extract CBD oil is through supercritical CO2 extraction. This method using carbon dioxide, high pressure, and low temperatures to extract the CBD oil. Not only that, but this extraction method also preserves the oil's purity. CO2 extraction is more expensive and complicated, but it produces higher-quality, pure CBD oil that you can use confidently. 

Was Your CBD Oil Tested By A Third-Party Lab? 

All essential oils, including CBD oil, are tested for purity; however, many companies perform in-house testing. While this may be effective in some cases, in-house testing provides the opportunity for companies to hide certain results, omit certain tests, or make claims that their tests don't back up. To find the best CBD oil, pick one that is tested by a third-party lab. 

Third-party testing means that a certified and accredited lab tested your CBD oil to ensure its purity. These labs also often perform more inclusive tests to identify any adulterants or chemicals that may be lurking in your oil. Plus, third-party test results are public record, so you can see exactly what's in your oil for yourself. In today's world, there is no need for you to just take a company's word about the purity of their oil. You should be able to find the oil's test results and know just how pure it is. The best CBD oil companies will perform third-party testing! 

 How Transparent Is The Company? 

When purchasing a CBD oil, it is important to make sure your product is safe, pure, and legal. In today's market, there is an unfortunate amount of companies who will make false claims or provide low-quality products. To find a good CBD oil, you must find a good, transparent CBD company. Some good signs of a transparent company include easily accessible third-party test results for your specific oil and contact information that directs you to real people instead of machines. 

Another huge sign of an honest and transparent company is one that does not make specific medical claims about how their CBD can 'cure' you. The FDA has very strict guidelines on what a company can and cannot claim about their products. While CBD has been shown to help with many conditions, companies cannot yet claim specifics as to what CBD can 'cure' or 'treat' until the FDA changes their regulations. When a company makes big claims about what their CBD oil and products can do, it is a sign that maybe the company is willing to break or ignore rules in other places, too. 

How Much Is Your CBD Oil? 

As with most things in life, when it comes to CBD oil, cheaper is not always better! In fact, the cheaper your CBD oil is, the greater the chances that your oil is not pure. Producing high-quality, pure CBD oil is not a cheap process. When a company chooses to pay the extra money for naturally grown, chemical-free, third-party-tested, and CO2-extracted CBD oil, odds are they're going to charge a little more for each bottle. But, as you find a reputable, transparent company, the higher prices will ensure your CBD oil's purity, potency, quality, and efficacy. 


If you choose to use CBD oil, it is so important that you find a trustworthy company that provides truly pure and high-quality products. Taking a little extra time to research your options before purchasing a CBD oil will likely save you time and money later on. Plus, choosing a good CBD oil will help you experience greater and more effective results with greater confidence. 


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