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Everyday Is Earth Day At RMO

If you are looking to live a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle, where you shop is incredibly important. 

Essential oils are an easy and cost-effective way to minimize your carbon footprint and help protect our home, the Earth.

In honor of Earth Day, we want to bring attention to what it means to be a sustainable brand. As a company close to nature, we are committed to protecting the planet that gives us the natural gifts we use in our everyday lives. Since the beginning of RMO, sustainability has been a core pillar of our company’s foundation, and we take pride in our efforts to ensure that our practices honor the values we hold as a brand. 

As a company that prioritizes the use of natural and organic ingredients, we find it is our responsibility to engage in environmental and sustainable practices that can help protect our planet for future generations to come. We believe that essential oils are precious gifts that our earth provides us with. We believe that we should honor, respect, properly care for, and protect the natural resources and environments that provide us with these gifts.

As part of our current sustainability efforts, RMO prides itself on guaranteeing that our production efforts include responsible sourcing, farming, and manufacturing. From plant to bottle, we ensure that we embrace environmentally friendly initiatives to help make our planet a better and cleaner place.

Here are some of the things we do:

1) 100% Recycled and Recyclable Materials

As a company, one of RMO’s goals is to decrease our potential for waste production. With pollution levels rising and landfills growing, we think it’s important we do our part to help solve this problem. We pride ourselves on using packaging that comes 100% from recycled material. In our efforts to help the environment, we ensure that both our boxes and packaging filler are made with 100% recycled and recyclable material. By doing this, we hope to encourage our customers to recycle and contribute less to landfills and waste production. 

2) Algae Ink

While many may not notice ink or consider how it could be potentially harmful to the planet, we at RMO make sure to pay attention to even the smallest details in order to leave a positive impact on the environment. Most normal inks, either water-based or soy-based, use pigments made with oil or petroleum. These inks made from nonrenewable resources include added chemicals that can compromise an item’s level of recyclability. In an effort to put less of a strain on our planet’s nonrenewable resources, we have decided to only use algae ink in our printing on our shipping boxes. 

Algae ink, often recognized as the “most sustainable ink in the world”, was developed as an alternative to petroleum-based inks. The ink uses the dye of algae cells to create its pigment, making it a safer, greener, and cleaner alternative to work with. It is also more compatible with recycling and composting processes than its ink counterparts, due to its biorenewable and biodegradable nature. In comparison to fossil fuel based inks, algae ink also results in a carbon emission decrease of around 200 percent, making it an all-around greener alternative. We take pride in being one of the few companies to take on this initiative and encourage the use of renewable and biodegradable resources. 

3) Sustainable Farming and Responsible Sourcing

All our products and essential oils are 100% natural. We support small and local farmers, and work with qualified distillery technicians and world-renowned labs to ensure that we are bringing you oils that are responsibly sourced. Through environmentally friendly oil extraction methods like steam distillation, cold pressing, and solvent extraction, we are committed to reducing our waste and carbon emissions. We work with farmers and technicians that share our values and care for the earth. Our farmers and technicians avoid distillation and essential oil procurement methods that could mean possible harm to the plant or its environment. We aim to make our sourcing as natural as possible, with a strict no use of harmful substances or chemicals in the farming of our essential oils.

At RMO, we believe it is our responsibility to protect the earth and its endangered species. That is why we have chosen to no longer carry selected essential oils that come from or contain critically endangered plant species like Spikenard, which needs uprooting to be harvested. We are also discontinuing our Rosewood line and choosing to not replenish our stocks once they finish, as its harvest requires the whole tree to be cut down. And although we follow sustainable farming policy by limiting our harvesting and planting a tree for every one cut down, we don’t want to play a part in the further demand of the product. As a company, we chose to not contribute to the endangerment status of such plants and find it important to advocate for sustainable and responsible sourcing, and encourage other brands to follow suit. 

4) No Animal Testing

At Rocky Mountain Oils, animals are our best friends. They are family, and we are incredibly protective of our family. Our animal friends play a significant role in our community and are a big part of our support system. That is why we have a 100% No Animal Testing policy. We advocate for the safety and wellbeing of our animal friends and prioritize their protection. We make a commitment to look out for our fellow animals just like they look out for us. At RMO, we believe that animal testing is harmful and unethical. We believe that it is also unreliable and unnecessary, and that is why we stand by our policy. Our No Animal Testing policy aims to reduce any additional environmental threats caused by lab testing. It aims to show that we are committed to alternative research and testing methods that don’t cause any animal or environmental harm.

5) Appreciation and Sustainability in the Office

The Rocky Mountain Oils Team has pledged to adopt environmentally friendly initiatives from our offices to our own personal homes. In our two office locations in Utah and in Florida, we are blessed to be surrounded by the beauties of Mother Nature. From the majestic rocky mountains and canyons of Utah to the sunny coastline and beaches of Florida, we are humbled to be able to experience such marvels. Surrounded by such majesties, we at RMO show a deep appreciation for the beauty and power of Mother Nature and encourage our team to make deeper connections with the environment around them.

To take care of our planet earth, we show sustainability in the office by encouraging carpooling and prioritizing recycling. We adopt energy-saving electricity and water systems in our offices and homes to do our part in protecting our environment. From the office to our homes, we believe that it is our personal and collective duty to look out for our planet, and all the beauties and resources it provides us with.

It’s our responsibility to protect our earth, and we hope you can join us. Check out our blog for ways on how you can do your part and give back to Mother Nature.