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How to Use Essential Oils-rewrite

An effective method of application is by diffusion. Minuscule particles of the essential oil are diffused into the air and when you breathe them in, they are immediately absorbed into the lining of your nose and lungs. The benefits are quickly carried into your bloodstream to do you the most good.

Pure essential oils benefit you the most when they get into your bloodstream. They re-establish harmony and help revitalize systems and organs where there is a lack of balance. They can even help boost the immune system.

Another one of the benefits is that all pure essential oils help to balance emotions. They help revive a tired mind and stimulate memory. We’ve all noticed that certain scents bring back memories of things we were doing the last time we experienced that scent. Different aromas of essential oils will relax, revitalize or renew your mind, body and soul.

The second effective application is to apply the oils topically. The oils are slowly absorbed into the skin through the pores and move into the bloodstream from there. This method works great especially when you have specific targeted areas in mind. Say you want to soothe a sore muscle. If you massage the essential oil of choice, in a carrier oil, into the affected area, the benefits go directly to the sore muscle.

When massaged into the skin, essential oils are absorbed into the hair follicles and mix with sebum at the base. They are then diffused into the bloodstream.

All the other essential oils in smaller amounts are considered safe, but remember to use caution when working with Nature’s pharmacy.