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Introducing Essential Health

Over the last several years, more and more people across the country have become interested in CBD and its incredible health benefits. As CBD grew in popularity, we took the chance to help others understand what hemp and CBD are and how they can revitalize your health. As we researched CBD products and companies out there, we realized the need for a CBD company that provided high-quality pure CBD Oil.

Finding the Right CBD Company

At Rocky Mountain Oils, we are open to learning about and finding the best natural products that can help improve your health and overall life, which is why we did our own research into CBD oil. While we were looking into CBD and CBD companies, we discovered it was difficult to find CBD products that stood up to our standards and values.

That is when we decided to provide CBD products that you can trust.

 Introducing Essential Health

Introducing Essential Health

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our sister company, Essential Health. At Essential Health, you will get the same trusted and high standards you have come to know at Rocky Mountain Oils. Essential Health provides you with 100% pure CBD oil to revitalize your health. Here are a few of Essential Health’s Values:

TRANSPARENT TESTING — They are 100% transparent about where their CBD oil comes from, providing third-party test results for all of their products. 

100% PURE — Their CBD oil is 100% free of chemicals, adulterants, and pesticides, so all you have is pure CBD and natural components.

SUSTAINABLY SOURCED — They are committed to offering oil only from non-GMO hemp, using sustainable material, and rejecting animal testing.

 Essential Health

Why Essential Health

At Essential Health, they understand that there are limited solutions to the many health problems people face every day. That is why they decided to do something about it. Everyone deserves access to natural safe, pure, and effective products that can improve your health without making you worry about negative side effects.

At Essential Health, they are determined to break the stigma around hemp and CBD products, enabling you to take control of your health and your life. How? By providing you with accurate information about what CBD really is, how it works, and the various ways you can use it. The negative stigma around CBD comes from misinformation.

How Essential Health Works

  1. Grown on US Farms — At Essential Health, each bottle of CBD oil comes from the highest quality hemp, grown right here in the USA.
  2. Scientifically Formulated — Designed with your health in mind, their proprietary blends remove unwanted compounds (THC) while leaving the maximum potency of other cannabinoids. You won't find artificial ingredients, additives, or adulterants.
  3. Thoughtfully Designed — Feel good about the company you buy from. At Essential Health, all shipping materials are 100% recycled and recyclable.
  4. Delivered Directly to You — Every package from Essential Health is shipped and delivered to you with care. Each package also includes the third-party lab results for your specific bottle.

At Essential Health, not only will you feel confident in the products you are using, but you will feel great, too. To learn more, please visit or contact their customer experience team at