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Nurses Appreciation Week

From the moment you are born, nurses are there for you. They clean you, change you, and wrap you up in your new little baby blanket before sending you on your way to start your life. 

They Are There For You

Since that moment, nurses are always there for you when you need them most. When you are hurt, sick, in pain, or battling an illness, nurses are there to offer you the physical, emotional, and human support that you need. While the doctors may be the ones that operate on you, nurses are the ones that are there to comfort you and ensure that your physical, mental, and emotional needs are met. 

While the doctors are talking science, nurses are your human connection. They are your comfort, your humor, your support, your confidant, and most importantly they are your friend. 

Nurses put their health and safety on the line to help you when you are at your most vulnerable. Working nights, weekends, or even up to 16 hours shifts, nurses are on their feet all day and night trying to make sure that their patients are being provided the best care and support possible. 

They Are Our Heroes

Especially in current times, nurses are even bigger heroes. They choose to come in to work every day and stay at the epicenter of this health crisis, risking their mental, emotional, and physical health.

Many nurses are away from their family or kids for extended periods of time. Even after their long shifts, some choose to self quarantine or isolate themselves from their families for fear of possibly exposing them to harm. This takes away healthcare workers’ support systems as they find themselves isolated during a time of high mental pressure.

Most recently, some nurses have even been asked to travel to different hospitals across the country to deal with nurse shortages and high demand. They pack their bags, pick up their life, and leave their families, friends, and homes behind, not knowing when they will get to come back.

They Are The Backbones of Our Healthcare

Despite the fact that they do so much for our communities and healthcare systems, nurses are often overlooked and underappreciated by our communities. Many people don't recognize that nurses are the backbones of hospitals. Society sometimes doesn't see that they are the integral cogs that made the healthcare machine work. Without them, the entire health and medical system would collapse and be completely inefficient. 

How We Show Our Appreciation To All The Nurses and Healthcare Workers

These are just a few reasons why it is important for us to recognize nurses and appreciate them for all that they do. Here at RMO, we want our country’s nurses and other healthcare workers to feel that they are seen and appreciated. They deserve to be celebrated for all their sacrifices and hard work.

So we have started our own Essential Oil Donation Campaign as a way to give back to nurses and show gratitude for all that they do. We have taken the initiative to donate almost 800 Immune Strength blends to nurses and healthcare workers to help them strengthen their immune systems and fortify their health. At RMO, we hope our Immune Strength blends can aid in the fight against germs, as they can use it to cleanse, purify, and disinfect their areas and spaces. We want to help healthcare workers fight off germs and defend their bodies, keeping them happy, healthy, and safe. Our goal is to help comfort and boost their physical and emotional health during this trying time. 

To celebrate Nurses Appreciation Week, we have personally reached out to individuals nurses and healthcare workers to thank them for their efforts. We have donated shipments of essential oils and diffusers to several hospitals and are looking to expand this initiative as our way of saying thank you to our nurses and healthcare workers.

If you or a loved one works as a nurse and would like to sign up for our Immune Strength donation, please contact us today.