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Posted November in Essential Oil Basics by Rocky Mountain Oils

Plant Based vs. Fish Based Omegas

Plant vs Fish Omega Story...   Plant and Fish sources provide the same Omegas but in slightly different types.  Plant-based omegas are considered more desirable due to their plant-based origin, high sustainability and non-existent toxin levels compared to fish.  The omegas from marine animal-based omegas come from the EPA/DHA type which is easier for your body to use.  Plants based omegas come from the ALA type which is converted by the body to EPA/DHA.

We put our fish oil through the same intense panel of tests that we do our essential oils to provide the highest quality possible without contaminants, adulterants or synthetics. While there are still good sources of marine animal-based omega oil available, they are getting harder and harder to find.  Most marine life is now very contaminated with mercury and other heavy metal contamination from widespread water pollution. Unfortunately, this trend of contamination is increasing.  As a result, Rocky Mountain Oils is working with experts in a variety of fields to find ways to provide you with cutting-edge advances in ingredients with an emphasis on using plant-based, sustainable products that are as close to the original plant as possible with minimal processing.

Scientists are hard at work finding ways to provide your body 100% of the omegas it needs from plant-based sources since the amount of toxins in marine life continues to rise and the supply of toxin-free fish oil struggles to keep up with demand.  In the meantime, our potent blend of Plant and Fish based ingredients combines the best of both sources of clean, powerful omegas to give you more than the average daily amount you need to support a healthy body.