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Soothing Hand + Arm Massage Oil

Do you ever find that your arms, wrists, and hands feel achy and tight after a long day, a workout, or even cleaning the house? Try this Soothing Hand and Arm Massage Oil to help relieve aching and tight arms, wrists, and hands.

Lavender Essential Oil was chosen for its calming properties. Nutmeg Essential Oil was chosen to relieve general pain. Basil was used to relieve fatigued or sore muscles and joints.


  • 6 drop Lavender Greece Essential Oil
  • 4 drop Nutmeg Essential Oil
  • 3 drop Basil Essential Oil
  • 3 drop Lemon Essential Oil
  • 2 drop Juniper Berry Essential Oil
  • 1 drop Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil
  • 1 tbsp FCO - (Fractionated Coconut Oil)


1. Measure and add your carrier oil to the empty glass bottle.

2. Add the essential oils.

3. Shake well and massage 3-5 drops of the formula into both hands and into the arm, from the fingertips to the shoulders, to relieve aching and tight arms, wrists, and hands.

    Best used at night, before bed.


    10 Amazing Facts about Soothing Hand + Arm Massage Oil You Didn't Know! 

    Soothing Hand and Arm Massage Oil is a game-changer for nurturing the skin. But what makes it so unique, and how can you incorporate it into your daily routine? Let's dive in!

    Soothing Hand + Arm Massage Oil: An Introduction

    Massage oils have been around since ancient times and are widely used by civilizations.

    The History Behind Massage Oils

    The Egyptians, for instance, recognized the therapeutic properties of oils and integrated them into their burial practices. In India, the art of Ayurveda prominently features oils for holistic healing.

    Importance in Daily Skincare

    Fast forward to today, and massage oils play a pivotal role in skincare. They hydrate, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin, making it softer and supple.

    Key Ingredients Found in Soothing Hand + Arm Massage Oil

    Massage oils blend numerous ingredients, each serving a unique purpose.

    Essential Oils and Their Benefits

    Lavender, for instance, calms the nerves, while chamomile can reduce skin irritation.

    Natural Extracts and Their Role

    Think aloe vera for hydration or calendula for its anti-inflammatory properties.

    Vitamins and Minerals for Skin Nutrition

    Like vitamin E, which fights free radicals, and zinc, which can aid in repairing skin damage.

    Methods to Apply Soothing Hand + Arm Massage Oil

    It's not just about the oil; it's also about how you use it.

    Prepping the Skin

    Start with a clean canvas. This means washing your hands and arms with a mild soap.

    Optimal Massage Techniques

    Use circular motions, and remember the spaces between your fingers!

    Best Time for Application

    Post-shower is excellent as your skin is fresh and can absorb the oil more efficiently.

    Benefits of Regular Use

    Make this a routine, and your skin will thank you!

    Increased Skin Elasticity

    No more dry, flaky skin.

    Reduced Signs of Aging

    Those fine lines? They'll start to diminish with regular massage.

    Stress Relief and Relaxation

    The act of massaging in itself is therapeutic. Couple that with a soothing oil, and you're in for a treat!

    Choosing the Right Product for You

    Not all massage oils are equal.

    Ingredients to Look Out For

    Organic? Paraben-free? Know what's in your product.

    Considering Your Skin Type

    Oily, dry, or a combination – there's something for everyone.

    Reading Product Reviews

    Always a good idea. It's like getting advice from hundreds of users!

    DIY: Making Your Own Soothing Hand + Arm Massage Oil

    For those who love a good DIY!

    Ingredient Shopping List

    Essential oils, carrier oils, and some botanical extracts.

    Step-by-step Recipe

    Mix, blend, and store in a cool, dark place.

    Shelf-life and Storage Tips

    Most homemade oils last a few months. And remember, a little goes a long way.

    They are comparing Brands: A Brief Overview

    Because choices matter.

    Popular Brands on the Market

    From luxury to affordable, there's a wide range.

    Price Range and Value

    Being budget-friendly sometimes means low quality.

    Ingredients to Avoid

    Say no to artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals.


    How often should I use the massage oil?

    Daily use is recommended, especially if you have dry skin.

    Can I use it on other parts of my body?

    Absolutely! But always do a patch test first.

    Are there any side effects?

    Typically, no. But if you have allergies, consult a dermatologist.

    Is it suitable for all skin types?

    Most are, but again, always read the label.

    Can I mix two different oils?

    Yes, but ensure they're compatible. When in doubt, ask!

    How long before I see results?

    With regular use, give it a few weeks.


    From ancient civilizations to the modern-day, Soothing Hand + Arm Massage Oil is more than just a luxury – it's a necessity. Integrating it into your daily routine means investing in healthier, radiant skin. So, the next time you think of skincare, remember that the magic lies in fancy creams and the simplicity of a good massage oil.