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Unwind is back as Sweet Oasis

Have you heard? Unwind is now Sweet Oasis! We replaced Vanilla with Balsam of Peru and we’ll admit, it smells delicious!   Now you might ask why the change from Vanilla to Balsam of Peru? We have a simple answer. We wanted to continue to offer one of our most beloved blends even with the worldwide shortage of Vanilla going on.

In an effort to keep providing this blend in a time when it may not be possible to obtain Vanilla we decided to reformulate Unwind. This could have been scary if not for Balsam of Peru saving the day! Not only did Balsalm of Peru's sweet aroma substitute nicely for Vanilla but we all discovered that we enjoyed the blend even better. Saying "goodbye" to Unwind and "hello" to Sweet Oasis was not bittersweet at all. We think you will love the new formulation as much as we do.

Note: The Vanilla shortage is due to a few factors.
  1. Madagascar is the main supplier of Vanilla at this time and upwards of 30 % of the crops were damaged after a cyclone hit the area.
  2. Vanilla is a labor-intensive crop to work with. It can take upwards of 5 years for the vanilla beans to be ready.
  3. Natural vanilla is in much demand and the supply is just not there. Much of the available supply is bought by large food and beverage companies to be used in food flavorings such as soda, ice cream, and baked goods.

Vanilla drying in the sun