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Creating New Christmas Traditions in 2020

Christmas in 2020 is definitely going to look a lot different than previous years, but that’s no reason to cancel your holiday festivities! As the season of giving approaches, many of us are beginning to look for ways to celebrate one of our most favorite holidays while practicing safe social distancing and adhering to local mandates.

As the new year draws closer, we are greeted with so many opportunities to create an entirely new holiday celebration that has its own strength and will create memories that will last a lifetime. If you’re searching for ways to include some much-needed holiday cheer into your home this winter, see below for a few of our own Santa-approved Christmas activities that will help you feel connected and jolly this holiday season.

Participate in a Christmas Photo Challenge

Christmas Photo Challenge

Let your creativity shine while keeping your family and friends close to your heart with a 12-day Christmas photo challenge! To begin, simply send out a list of photography ideas that you and your friends or family can complete, and make an effort to complete that day’s challenge. Then share the picture either on your social media or in a group chat with all the participants! This collaboration will help you feel closer to those you love, even if you can’t see each other face-to-face. See our chart for some holly jolly ideas to get you started!

Embrace the Spirit of Giving this Christmas

Human connection is one of the most important things we can cultivate during the season of giving. While our face-to-face time with friends and loved ones may have lessened over the past year, we should always remember that physical distance does not equate to emotional distance. Many people choose to give back during the holiday season, and while charity may look different this year, it will always be backed by love.

Building up our communities through acts of service and kindness is an incredible way to spread holiday cheer. Some quick ideas to spread love can include:

  • Forming a neighborhood group to donate items of food, clothing, or toys to shelters.
  • Making wellness kits to give to healthcare workers and first responders.
  • Send a Christmas card to a military member who is deployed.
  • Donating masks, gloves, or hand sanitizer to local businesses.
  • Sponsoring a family for Christmas.
  • Buying gift cards from small businesses to help support their work.
  • Shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk or scrape ice off their car.

Put a New Spin on Traditional Christmas Activities

Don’t let distance keep you from celebrating your favorite holiday activities. Whether you’re avoiding mid-winter travels or are simply staying in for the holidays, you can still experience your favorite Christmas traditions by adding a little creative flair to your celebration. Consider:

Virtual Secret Santa — Put a spin on this mystery gift exchange by hosting an online Secret Santa activity between you and your loved ones! Use a gift exchange generator, send presents through the mail, and then hold a virtual party to open the gifts together!

Santa Neighborhood Parade — Spread holiday cheer in your community by forming a neighborhood holiday parade. Ask participants to deck their vehicles in their favorite Christmas designs, and agree on a date and time to drive around your neighborhood for a mini-parade of joy. Make the celebration your own by passing out candy canes, playing Christmas music, or even dressing up as Santa Claus himself for the neighborhood kids. And who knows? Maybe this will become a new favorite holiday celebration that you’ll want to keep celebrating in years to come!

Fill Your Heart With Cheer With a Holiday Checklist

Holiday Checklist

Keep the spirit of Christmas alive by participating in a holiday checklist that features some beloved X-mas activities that you can do right at home. Try to complete each item on your checklist by December 25th, and encourage others around you to do the same!

Start Your Own Christmas Traditions

What new holiday traditions and memories are you hoping to create with your family? Try a few of the ideas and activities above to help you get started on celebrating the holiday season with the ones you love — no matter where they are! 

Sending love,

Your RMO Team!