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Posted November in Mind/Body/Spirit by Rocky Mountain Oils

Essential Oils for Studying Your Way to an A+

To the night-cramming, ramen-eating students out there, we know the one thing standing between you and summer break: exams. To help improve concentration, control stress levels and ace your exams, apply these tips to your study habits and say hello to a big, fat A+!

 Essential Oils to Help You Study

  • Lavender
The stress that accompanies exams season can seriously affect your sleep. Lavender’s calming properties help release tension when high stress levels strike. When you feel the pressure getting to you, diffuse it in your study room or apply it topically. About to crash for the night, but feel your mind racing? Lavender helps prepare your body for a healthy sleep.  
  • Vetiver
When crunch time arrives, distractions are not allowed! Vetiver’s grounding aroma helps improve concentration and performance for cognitive tasks. Use some vetiver and get to work!  
  • Peppermint
Need a pep(permint) talk? You can do this! You are going to conquer this test! Read this next part! Peppermint’s bright, refreshing scent can help you pull yourself together. Long study hours can take a toll on your energy levels. Simply apply the oil to your temples and the back of your neck, and you’ll feel rejuvenated within moments. You got this!  
  • Eucalyptus
It’s 11 p.m. and all you’ve eaten today is microwave pasta and oreos, and well, your brain is fried. It’s time to get the awakening properties of Eucalyptus in your system! Eucalyptus helps to rejuvenate the mind and strengthen the immune system, so you can do your best!  
  • Rosemary
You’ve read that one sentence five times and it’s still not sticking. It’s time for some Rosemary! Because Rosemary has stimulating properties that will help bring back your focus, and stay there.  
  • Attention Assist
We created this blend just for your studying and focusing needs! Attention Assist combines Vetiver, Frankincense, Lavender and Cedarwood to mix stimulating and grounding properties. Regain focus and reclaim your calm with this blend!