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Finding Certainty Through Uplifting Routines

As our time spent indoors increases, many individuals may find it difficult to stay positive in the face of the unknown. Even just a few months ago, many of us wouldn’t have believed that everyday activities such as dining out, visiting family, or going to sporting events would soon feel like distant luxuries from another time.

However, it is during these moments of uncertainty that our physical and mental well being is most important. In her podcast, The One Session Coach, our CEO and one of our founders, Phoenix Vincent, gives some helpful tips on how to stay grounded and healthy during moments of uncertainty through uplifting routines.

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What are Uplifting Routines?

When faced with times of uncertainty, it is important to shift your focus away from the “what-ifs” of life and instead devote your energy toward things that you can do. By seeing these changes as an opportunity for growth, you can take control of your own emotions and create a safe space that is free from negative distractions.

To do this, Phoenix suggests creating a handful of routines that promote gratitude, positivity, and good health in your everyday life. Make the most out of your uplifting routines by modifying these everyday practices to inspire your own personal happiness and peace. To get you started, here are just a few of her examples for uplifting routines that you can incorporate into your life while social distancing.

Win the Morning

“Show up” each day with your best face forward. Every day may seem like the weekend while in quarantine, but making an effort to shower, change into clean clothes, and complete your daily morning routine can be a great way to inspire optimism, confidence, and power in your daily tasks.

Begin the Day With Gratitude

Wake up early and begin each day with gratitude. Feeling grateful for your mind, body, and spirit can infuse your day with positive energy. Gratitude allows your thoughts to shift away from fear and negativity, and focus instead on things that you are thankful for.

Practice Positive Affirmations

Learn how to shift away from negative thoughts by saying positive affirmations out loud. Simply follow the formula, “I am…” followed by what you want to be: happy, healthy, grateful, etc. By declaring these affirmations with certainty, you can draw energy from these positive qualities and call them forth in your everyday life.

Stay Active Each Day

Exercise is not only important for physical fitness, but emotional health as well. Stay active in whichever way you can while social distancing. This can be as simple as doing 10 minutes of yoga, dancing to some songs in your kitchen, or even taking a walk around your neighborhood. By including movement into your daily routine, you can benefit from both physical and mental wellness.

Connect With Others

Though we may not be able to visit our friends or family during the quarantine period, staying connected with those you love is incredibly important for your mental and spiritual well being. Make an effort to stay in contact with those closest to you in any way possible. Online video chats, phone calls, and gratitude texts are great ways to show others that you care.

You are Not Alone

It can be easy to feel isolated and alone during these uncertain times, but we are here for you. By creating and practicing your own uplifting routines, you can start on a journey towards a calmer, clearer, and more grounded way of thinking that can help strengthen your connection with yourself and others.

Meet Phoenix Aryndia Vincent

Phoenix Aryndia Vincent

Phoenix Vincent first founded Rocky Mountain Oils® with her husband, Michael, back in 2004. With a profound love for natural wellness, Phoenix has devoted her life to helping others become the highest version of themselves through personal wellness coaching and her innovative dance program called Dance Your Truth®. Phoenix lives happily in Florida with her husband and their five wonderful children, and she continues to greet each day with the respect and gratitude that it deserves.


Q: How can we include our children in these uplifting routines?

Phoenix: One of the things I have done is to ensure my kids get up at the same time every day to do their chores. Having to get up and get to work right away provides a sense of certainty in routine. We then have an uplifting devotional together, followed by us repeating powerful affirmations after a different leader each day at the top of our lungs (my kid’s favorite one is, “I am powerful!”). We then go on a walk together, both for routine’s sake, as well as to help them get grounded and their energy up for schoolwork — which also follows a specific schedule.

Q: There’s a lot of negativity being shown in the news and social media. How can I get away from that?

Phoenix: I recommend three options: don’t read it altogether, limit media consumption to twice per day with specific time limits, or be the change. Post positivity, like posts that are positive, and comment on posts that make you happy. Soon, you’ll have a positivity-filled newsfeed as the social media platform figures out what you want to see. And remember: enjoy a sense of humor and take everything with a grain of salt. Focus on the positive in your life, and it will always outweigh any power on your screen.

Q: How can I incorporate essential oils into my routines?

Phoenix: I’d love to say that there’s one oil that will be the answer to everything, but the truth is that each person’s body chemistry is different, and every person will respond differently. I use essential oils every day for emotional upliftment. Generally, if it smells extra good to you that day, it is because there is something in that oil that you need.

One thing I’ve done recently that has been a delightful journey for me is placing about 18 single oils I was unfamiliar with or hadn’t used much on the ledge of the backsplash in my bathroom. At least once per day, I notice which one my attention is drawn to, and I use that one (or two, or three…) to bring a sense of calm to my day. This has been one of my most favorite and effective experiences with essential oils in the 16 years we have owned this company, and it has provided a simple routine I can count on during these uncertain times.

Q: It’s hard to stay productive at home during this pandemic. What can I do to inspire productivity?

Phoenix: Just focusing on being in the moment, taking advantage of the beautiful things in life, and not worrying about being productive can actually help inspire productivity. Taking all the pressure off what we feel, whether we are in a pandemic or not, seems to open up creativity and intuition — which then leads to efficiency and more enjoyment in the process!

It’s also important to remember that everything in nature needs breaks. Farmers know this, which is why they rotate crops and have years of fallow. The earth needs a rest, and we do, too. We often forget to take the breaks we deserve, and this pandemic offers us a perfect opportunity to rest and hea, because many of the things that overwhelm us are not an option right now.

Q: What made you want to start a podcast?

Phoenix: I love listening to podcasts while I am walking in nature. I have such a sense of appreciation for the time so many people have put into uplifting others through the medium of a podcast — many just for the purpose of helping. One of the podcasts I listen to often is from a humble man that thinks his mom is the only listener, and is committed to doing it, even if just for her.

I kept having a feeling that I have things to share that would bring that same gratitude and upliftment to others, but I put it off for a long time. As I’ve been really taking off in my coaching business, as well as in my speaking and teaching opportunities, I decided it was a great way to get my message out there about how to find joy in life, how to overcome anxiety, and how to have emotional freedom to people that may never come into contact with me, or who may not be able to afford it.

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