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Finding Inner Peace | International Peace Day

Today we celebrate International Peace Day all around the world.

This day is devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace above all differences, and committing to building a culture of peace.

It is said that peace begins with yourself, meaning that finding inner peace is the key to harmony and unity. If we want world peace, it starts with each of us individually finding peace with ourselves and working towards establishing peace in our own heart and home. From there, we can take this peace and share it with our neighbors, community, and the world at large. Finding inner peace means that you are at harmony with yourself.

Once you find inner peace within yourself, the rewards are endless: improving your mental and physical well-being, increasing self-confidence, improving your relationships, and experiencing more joy throughout life. Finding inner peace requires more than just saying “I want peace” or “I will be peaceful”. It requires conscious effort. So how can you find inner peace? You must shift your perceptions and create an environment to foster inner peace. Below are simple tips to help you find inner peace.

5 Tips to Finding Inner Peace

1. Be in Nature

Reconnecting with nature can be extremely healing for the mind, body, and spirit. Spending time in nature - whether it is in the mountains, at the beach, or in a city park - is essential for finding inner peace. These moments in nature allow you to remove yourself from the busyness of your daily schedule and encourage inner calmness.

2. Practice Meditation

Daily stressors can take a toll on your mental well-being. A chaotic mind is draining, leaving you feeling tired, exhausted, and frustrated. Meditation prepares the mind to be still and helps release the stresses that accumulate in your mind, leaving it fresh and clear. Meditation brings your mind to the present moment and allows you to find peace within yourself. Even better, try diffusing our At Peace essential oil blend to elevate your daily motivation and unlock a new level of self-awareness and security.

3. Don’t Dwell on the Past

It is human nature to hold on to things. As you live and experience life, you can end up clinging to what once was. The desire to cling to the past affects your future and can create a potentially unhealthy battle with the past, which can hold you back. The more you dwell on the past, the less you can truly live in the present. People that who live in the moment are known to be happier and more secure. Staying grounded in the present helps you rid yourself of doubt and worry.

4. Leave Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships are harmful for anyone involved. The term “toxic relationship” describes those that have turned harmful towards any of the people involved — physically or mentally. It can be difficult to avoid toxic people; sometimes they are our co-workers, friends, or loved ones. In every case, it can be hard to let go of these relationships, even when they are creating negative effects on your psychological and emotional well-being. By moving on from these relationships, you can focus on surrounding yourself with positive people and leave no space for destructive critics.

5. Let Go of Bitterness

We have all been hurt by the actions or words of another. These wounds can leave you with lingering feelings of anger or bitterness. These emotions are seductive; they make you feel justified and protected against the vulnerability of getting hurt again. Bitterness can eat at you from the inside and close you off to the opportunity to heal, grow, and expand.

Letting go of bitterness and forgiving those who have hurt you can make way for improved well-being and allow you to find inner peace. One of our favorite quotes is “Peace comes from within, do not seek it without”. How true this statement is, peace starts inside your heart and mind, once you establish peace with yourself, you will be able to take this share it with others. As you start to incorporate these ideas into your lifestyle you will find it is much easier to center and ground your mind. This allows you to handle daily stressors with ease, be present, and live your life to the fullest.