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Trace Minerals Health Tip

What are trace minerals and why do you need them?

Did you know that your body maintains about 4% of its weight in minerals? The most abundant minerals you need for healthy bones and teeth are calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. Then there are very small "trace" mineral amounts needed to help your body use enzymes, minerals, and hormones properly and regulate other activities needed for metabolism and optimal health. These trace amounts are so small that they would look like a piece of lint or a speck of dirt to the naked eye.

Essential Trace Minerals Include:

  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Chromium
  • Selenium
  • Molybdenum
  • Manganese

You don’t need a lot, but without these trace minerals, you may not be feeling as well as you may want. Common symptoms of trace mineral deficiencies include low immune function, muscle weakness, mental confusion, weight fluctuation, and fatigue.

Trace Minerals Health Tip

Average Female Weight 170 lbs, 4% of this weight is 6.8lbs of Minerals, 25mcg of Chromium is the recommended daily allowance (RDA) and is the size of a fleck of dirt. The quality of the minerals and trace minerals you use is also important. Chemicals and synthetics are harder for the body to absorb and may even be toxic. You are also less likely to be getting the full benefit because they are mostly passing right through you. As with a lot of things, mother nature provides the best minerals out there. Seaweed and sea water have the highest levels of natural trace minerals. The ingredients we use in our Nourish supplement contain 72 different minerals including trace minerals not regularly ingested in the diet that are still needed and essential. These minerals come directly from seawater, which is extremely rich in minerals. This is why the plants that grow in the sea, like seaweeds, have such a high amount of trace minerals naturally. We also love seaweeds and sea water because it is easily absorbable...thank you mother nature!

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