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Oil Facial Cleansers

A common myth that we have heard since the beginning of time is that oil cleansers do not work, and in fact will make breakouts worse. We are here to bust that myth! Oil cleansers work in a way that most of us are not used to. The fact is that oil, attracts oil. Dermatologists have long recommended this method based off the notion that like things will attract.

Foaming Cleansers - A Big No No

Foaming cleansers do a number on your face. They strip it of all its natural oils. This causes your skin to dry immensely, forcing your skin to overcompensate with oil production. Foaming cleansers are not recommended for sensitive skin types, as they can easily irritate the skin. They also commonly have harsh chemicals that you do not want on your skin. Going for a more natural approach like oil cleansers is a safer, and more effective option.

Getting Started

It is important to note that oil based cleansers will take about a week to show results. This is because of the detox that must first take place with your skin. Expect to see glowing, radiant skin shortly after that time period.

The Perfect Oil Cleanser

You will need:

Wet the washcloth with the warm water Ring out and lay the washcloth over your face Wait 20 seconds before removing


Massage pea size amount of Deep Radiance onto your face

Gently wipe off remaining cleanser with washcloth.

This cleanser helps balance your natural oil production and provides a natural detox of impurities on the skin. The botanical ingredients and lack of harsh chemicals make it so safe and gentle, you can even use it around the eyes. We also double this as a makeup remover! It is able to wipe away anything from waterproof foundation to stubborn mascara.