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Planning Your Skin's Winter Defense

It’s no secret that winter can wreak some serious havoc on your body. Most of us will probably be stocking up on chap-stick and tissues as the colder months roll in, but although we understand how harsh the winter can become, many of us continue to forget to protect one important area of our bodies: our skin.

The cold, dry, and bitter weather can cause our skin to feel raw, flaky, and uncomfortable, and without the right skincare routine or products, your skin can begin to look and feel neglected. To help you battle the dry and brittle winter months and safeguard your complexion all year, Rocky Mountain Oils offers a complete skincare kit that is geared toward rejuvenating and revitalizing dry skin for a more smooth, soft, and healthy complexion.

Defend Yourself Against Bacterial Buildup

With our Tohi Daily Renewal Kit, you can get the best of both worlds and benefit from deep-cleansing action paired with intense hydration. The kit’s Deep Radiance Cleanser works to remove impurities on your skin such as dirt, bacteria, and makeup to avoid clogged pores and fend off blemishes. Featuring natural ingredients, this gel cleanser fights grime without over-stripping your skin of its natural oils, making it perfect for dry skin and cold weather.

Fortify Your Skin With Intense Hydration

As the winter weather goes on the offense, it’s important to guard your skin and preserve as much moisture as possible to avoid cracking or irritation. The Tohi Daily Renewal Kit also features our Sacred Skin Facial Moisturizer, which helps reinforce your skin with deep moisture for a more supple and healthy complexion during the brittle winter months.

A Victory for Your Skin

Is your skin looking a little battle-worn due to the cold weather?? Say goodbye to red, dusty, and irritated skin this winter by arming yourself with natural moisture-boosting and deep-cleansing products from our Tohi line that will leave your skin looking — and feeling — victorious.