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Social Distancing: The RMO Way

Through the evolving pandemic, it has become even more crucial for individuals to stay home and practice responsible social distancing. The great news? These social and behavioral changes are definitely helping to reduce the number of predicted cases. But with gyms being closed, theatres going dark, and everyday services being limited, it has become increasingly more difficult for individuals to engage in their usual activities that help them relax, stay healthy, and remain occupied.

Thankfully, there are a great many ways to take advantage of the extra time on your hands and transform your social distancing experience into something more positive. To help create a greater connection between us and our wonderful customers, we wanted to provide an inside look into what our team at Rocky Mountain Oils® is doing to help flatten the curve while still staying connected with friends, family, and our community. See our experiences below for a little quarantine inspiration, and feel free to join us (from a distance, of course!) by sharing your own activities in the comments below.

Starting New Hobbies

New Hobbies


“Every day, my family does a challenge. We do the challenge and share pictures/videos of what we did with each other. These daily challenges include: a science experiment, a lip sync song, a Rube Goldberg machine, a trick shot, a tower challenge, and much more. I’m also using this time to participate in the 100-day project to write/finish a book I’ve been working on/putting off for several months!” — Bridget, Marketing

“They’re asking us to stay at home, but not necessarily to stay inside. I’ve been doing a lot of yard work, and spending more time than ever in my backyard either playing with my dog or working. I’ve started a garden, and have been working on small projects around my house to stay busy.” — Mike, IT

“I’ve been putting my extra free time into playing the piano again, which I haven’t played since I was probably 12 or 13.” — Spencer, Customer Experience

Keeping Healthy

Keeping Healthy

“I’m used to being active and always on-the-go, so this experience of spending more time at home by myself has been extremely difficult. What has helped me the most is spending time outside. My favorite pastime lately has been walking around the lake by my house. It’s so peaceful and therapeutic! I’ve also ordered a compact exercise bike from Amazon. It fits under my desk at home, making being at my desk all day a little more manageable.” — Stacie, Customer Experience

“I’ve doubled down on my daily dog walks (one hour of walking twice each day), and have been doing a lot of cooking — eating at home has had a positive effect on my waistline.” — Mike, IT

“A lot of my workouts are at home anyway; I’m just not a fan of gyms. But I have been doing a lot of stairs. I live in a townhouse-style home, and so I run the stairs inside my apartment a few times a day. I also do a lot of bodyweight exercises like push-ups, squats, lots — and I mean LOTS — of crunches! I set timers to get up every hour or two to walk downstairs and grab water, step outside onto my porch for fresh air, and walk my stairs a few times.” — Courtney, Quality Control

Staying Connected

Staying Connected


“My family is very important to me, and not being able to visit them often has been difficult. To keep in touch, we plan weekly virtual “visits” where we play Jackbox Games, stream movies, or even just get everyone together to talk and catch up. Using video chatting applications like Marco Polo has also been incredibly useful for staying connected, as it lets me see my little nephews and nieces and keep in touch with my best friend while we’re apart.” — Tawny, Marketing

“Marco Polo has been a saving grace! It’s a good mix between texting and a video chat, so I can still get my work done or household chores finished, while maintaining a connection with friends rather than just sending a text between tasks. It’s been great to see their faces and hear their voices without setting aside the time to sit down and video chat.” — Courtney, Quality Control

“My wife and I rediscovered a function on our phone that plays video and photo highlights from the last 2 months with background music. We found additional highlight videos and spent some time together enjoying our past. We were reminded of how lucky and blessed we are and that a lot can happen in a short period of time. As we deal with being cooped up, annoying each other, and the temporary separation from others this was a good reminder of how wonderful our lives are and the hope that at some near future day we will enjoy more amazing things.” — Bryan, Marketing

Taking Extra Precautions

Our production team at Rocky Mountain Oils® has been taking extra precautions to stay safe and to follow guidelines from health authorities worldwide. Our employees are incredibly important to us, and we are doing everything we can to ensure their health and safety. By taking extra care to sanitize equipment, creating personal work areas 6-feet apart, and requiring mandatory handwashing breaks, we are doing all we can to protect our employees during this pandemic.

Finding the Positives

It may be hard to stay positive throughout these uncertain times, but together, we believe that we can come out even stronger than before. Remember to treat yourself with kindness and respect, and view each day as an opportunity for growth and gratitude.