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Enhance – Optimum Omega Supplement

On your bedside table. In your medicine cabinet. In your kitchen drawers. Everywhere you look, you have a different product that promised to deliver some kind of skin enhancing, anti-something, revitalizing action, and they just haven’t produced results. On top of that, it’s a huge hassle to keep track of everything in a complex, multi-step routine. The hassle-free essential-oils-infused Enhance Optimum Omega Supplement from our Tohi line helps deliver nutrients to cultivate a healthy outer glow in the skin and a lustrous sheen in the hair — no lotions, creams, dead sea salts, or fishy aftertaste involved. Enhance helps enrich your nutritional regimen by combining omegas and essential vitamins you need for healthy hair and skin … as well as an overall healthy body.

Vitamins, Omegas, and Oils (Oh My!)

Of course, a diet rich in fish, fruits, and veggies provides you with essential nutrients such as omegas 3, 5, 6, 7, and 9, as well as vitamins D and E. Odds are you’re probably not serving your family broiled fish and a rainbow of crudités every evening. Enhance helps you get in those necessary vitamins and minerals … no cooking required. Omegas, or fatty acids, and vitamins are what promote good skin and hair health. They also provide the building blocks for important hormones, while promoting healthy immune and brain functions. Vitamin D has multiple roles in the body from helping maintain the health of bones and teeth to supporting the health of the immune system. Recent studies suggest that a majority of Americans are Vitamin D deficient. In keeping with our Tohi supplement line’s “define your spirit” mentality, this optimum omega supplement improves your inner balance and nurtures healthy skin while promoting healthy immune and brain function.

Beauty Beyond the Surface

To begin making up for your diet and lifestyle deficiencies, take your Enhance first thing in the morning, then breeze on by those skin care salesmen in the mall with confidence. They may promise miraculous hydrated skin, but the exceptional combination of omegas and vitamins in our Enhance supplement helps you unleash your outer glow and your inner health.