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Replenish – Probiotic Supplement

Bloating, cramping, indigestion all tend to creep in when you’re too full, too stressed, getting sick, or your diet is poor. To keep your overall digestive system running smoothly, we’ve introduced our new Replenish Probiotic Supplement, which also promotes optimal mental and physical wellness while helping you drop some of that stubborn belly fat.

Saying “No” to Stomach Stressors

You probably know by now that not all bacteria is bad. Probiotics (the good kind!) like those found in Replenish deliver gut-friendly bacteria to your digestive system to keep things operating like a well-oiled machine. With 11 billion live cultures from 9 different bacteria species, Replenish supports and helps balance your body's natural gut flora. The probiotics in our supplement work by controlling the growth of harmful bacteria.

Benefits of a balanced and healthy gut flora: 

  • Supports digestive functions
  • Promotes healthy immune functions
  • Help regulate metabolism
  • Supports optimal absorption of nutrients

A good diet consists of probiotic-packed foods, healthy fats, proteins, and the right amounts of fiber. And while that’s certainly possible to attain through diet, you know that it’s not often realistic. Your days are likely spent writing emails, taking the kids to and from soccer tournaments, and remembering the dog’s vet appointment—not whether you got in all your gut-friendly foods that day.

Replenish and Renew

You know those weekday mornings when you wake up and you just don’t feel quite right? That’s because your energy and overall health have major impacts on your everyday life. And, when your stomach feels off-kilter, the rest of your body and mental state tends to suffer. If you take Replenish once daily, you’ll start to notice results. The probiotics found in our supplement can help enhance your energy levels and your mood by supporting the gut to absorb all the vital nutrients you need to feel your best. Replenish is part of our Tohi supplement line. Tohi means “harmony between the mind, body, and spirit,” and by enlisting the powerful probiotic to put good microbes to work in your gut, you’re actually giving your body what it needs to feel its best. We think that’s a win-win.