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Essential Oil Basics - June 30, 2022
lavender essential oil uses lavender oil benefits lavender oil recipes

Lavender Essential Oil Uses

Lavender oil is the number 1 must-have oil for any collection. Join us as we discuss lavender oil’s…

Energy - June 28, 2022

Exploring Your Root Chakra

Learn to trust your instincts and discover the power of your first chakra. When balanced, the root chakra…

DIYs - June 24, 2022
Toasted Coconut CO2 in front of tiki statue with coconuts

Toasted Coconut CO2 Recipes

Think beach bonfires and sunkissed skin. Picture warm fresh coconut macaroons coming straight out of the oven, perfectly…

DIYs - June 21, 2022
Yoga Mat Spray

Yoga Mat Spray

The first rule of yoga class: bring your own yoga mat. The second rule of yoga class: make…

Mind/Body/Spirit - June 21, 2022
Elevate Your Yoga Practice with Essential Oils

Elevate Your Yoga Practice with Essential Oils

Yoga and aromatherapy are both ancient practices that offer a holistic approach to health. Combining these two ancient…

Essential Oil Basics - June 16, 2022
Woman using essential oils in her workout.

5 Essential Oils for Athletes

Working toward a fitness goal is truly something to be admired — no matter how big or small…

Essential Oil Basics - June 16, 2022

This or That: True Blue vs. Relieve Me vs. Sports Pro

Essential oils provide a variety of health benefits to those who use them. At Rocky Mountain Oils, we…

Essential Oil Basics - June 14, 2022

Top 15 Essential Oils For Inflammation

If you experience painful side effects of inflammation, you can use essential oils to help ease the symptoms….

DIYs - June 13, 2022
Essential Oil Slime

DIY Essential Oil Slime

I think we could all use a little stress relief right about now — and what better way…

Essential Oil Basics - June 8, 2022
essential oil pairings long distance friendship dynamic emotional balance extroverted

Essential Oil Pairings For Every Friendship

Celebrate National Best Friends Day and discover the perfect essential oil pairings for you and your bestie!  Replace…

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1 - 10 of 514