Let RMO Serve as Your Relaxation Headquarters

At Rocky Mountain Oils, we distill only the finest essential oils used to promote overall wellness while bringing about total body balance. We also offer a range of essential oil accessories that complement our single oils and unique blends.

Choose from a variety of essential oil blending supplies and diffusers to elevate your aromatherapeutic experience. From amber-colored glass bottles with droppers to spray bottles, diffusers and an essential oil carrying case, you can lift your mood wherever you go.

We also provide an excellent line of carrier oils. Add a few drops of your favorite Rocky Mountain Oils singles or blends into the carrier oils and apply topically.

Essential Oils

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Empty Plastic 2oz bottle (60ml) (Pack of 4)
Plastic dropping bottle holds up to 2 oz (60ml) with detachable lid and dropper insert. (Pack of 4)
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1/4 Ounce Plastic Blending Bottle (Pack of 8)

The perfect bottle for all of your blending needs. (Pack of 8)

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Spray Bottle-16oz (Pack of 2)
Transform your home cleaning routine with the help of essential oils.
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Metal Aromatherapy Inhalers (2 Pack)
Never be without your favorite essential oil blend with our portable Personal Aroma Inhaler.



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Orifice Reducing Euro Dropper (Pack of 10)
A pack of 10 Euro Style Orifice Reducers. A replacement option for Low-flow orifice reducer to accommodate thicker oils.
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Moby Mist Ultrasonic Diffuser
Ensure your child has a whale of a good time with essential oils with our Moby Mist Diffuser! This ultrasonic diffuser doubles as a subtle night light.
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CPAP Essential Oil Infusion Adapter with Pads
The CPAP infusion adapter provides a simple yet effective way for CPAP users to receive aromatherapy benefits as they sleep!
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Individual Wooden Box
Give your favorite RMO bottle of essential oil a special home with our individual wooden boxes. Excellent for your personal collection or for gift giving. Choose between a wooden box that fits a 15 ml or 5 ml essential oil bottle.
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Empty Glass Spray Bottle 4oz (Pack of 2)

Create your own bug spray, perfume and more using this 4oz amber glass spray bottle. (Pack of 2)

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Empty Roll-on Bottle 10ml - Pack of 4
A roll-on bottle perfect for easy application of your favorite essential oils.
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Essential Oil Case - 30 Hole
This 30-hole essential oil case is perfect for travel or storage. The cushioned foam interior provides support and easy access for your favorite oils.
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Wooden Essential Oil Boxes (32-Hole & 16-Hole)
Give your RMO essential oils the star treatment with these beautiful wooden storage and display essential oil boxes. 32-hole and 16-hole boxes available.

Essential Oils

In Accessories